When Should You Start Wedding Suit Shopping?

Nothing photographs or looks better on a man than a sharp, perfectly tailored suit! And while there’s always much chatter about when to start shopping for a wedding dress, finding the perfect suit, with the best fit for the groom and his groomsmen, also has its own timeline. You might be shopping for your husband-to-be, yourself, or you may have a crew of groomsmen and ring bearers who all need to be kitted out in their finery. Either way, giving yourself enough time is essential to looking good. Here, Benetti Menswear suiting expert Vincent Nally breaks down when you should start wedding suit shopping for groomswear, and what happens from that first appointment to pick up, so that everything runs smoothly from beginning to end!

When to start wedding suit shopping

How long is the wait for a first appointment generally?

Give yourself at least four to six weeks when booking an appointment with your local retailer. Try to make an appointment during the week as this way your wedding specialists can give you a little bit more time and attention than at weekends!

How long before the wedding should the first appointment be?

Three months out is more than enough for the groom’s party. Once the couple decide on all the elements that they love, then it’s only a matter of simple steps from there.

Can you prepare in advance to save time?

Do your research before going into a store. Have a clear understanding of style, colour and combinations that you like beforehand and this will save a huge amount of time at that initial fitting.

What happens at the first appointment?

Colours and combinations are decided, and the groom gets to enjoy his first fitting experience!

What is the shortest turnaround time for a suit, with alterations?

Depending on the size required, and the sizes available in store at that time, give yourself at least two weeks to be covered. However, it may take a little longer, or a lot less, depending on the requirements! With many supply chains a lot slower than normal post covid, don’t wait until the last moment to get your outfit together. If you can select a suit off the peg, and only minor alterations are needed, you could certainly walk away with your three-piece within one to two days.

Who should come with you to the first appointment?

We recommend that only the couple should go to the first fitting. This way they can decide what is best suited to tie in with the wedding theme, and elements like the bridesmaids colours. Once these are decided then the groomsmen can follow.

What should you bring?

Sample colours of the bridesmaids dresses or even a guideline of theme colours for your wedding, this will help your wedding expert guide you down the right path from the very start.

When should the groom’s party be fitted?

Groomsmen need to be fitted anything from six to eight weeks before the wedding. This will ensure that any special requirements that may be needed can be supplied in time for the big day. The couple should always check with the store to confirm suitable timelines as manufacturing and supply chains are a little slower than normal due to high demand!

When is the third appointment?

The full party will be required for a full fitting closer to the wedding to ensure any last alterations are needed, and alterations are almost always needed!

When is the final fitting?

Approximately one week out from the wedding.

When do the groom and groomsmen pick up their suits?

Suits would generally be collected two to three days in advance. This will also give you time for any last minute adjustments should you need them. All of the groom’s party are recommended to try on their suits well before the morning of the wedding in case there are any slight adjustments needed! The last thing you need to be worried about on the day are the suits.

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