21 Honeymoon Mistakes Newlywed Couples Should Avoid

Planning a wedding is so all encompassing that you’d be forgiven for not wanting to take on the role of travel agent as well when planning your honeymoon. However, there are pitfalls at the booking and packing stages that can really ruin your dream holiday, not to mention the honeymoon mistakes that are to be avoided when you finally make it to your destination.

To ensure you have the best time ever, because let’s face it, you deserve it, we have listed the most common honeymoon mistakes that couples encounter and how to avoid them. We guarantee that if you read these 21 tips you will thank us when you are chilling out by the pool without a care in the world.

Honeymoon Mistakes to Avoid

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1. Booking without checking the season

Many couples make the mistake of booking their honeymoon without checking what season and weather they can expect at their chosen destination. Check what the local weather is like to make sure you’re not going during monsoon, hurricane or seaweed season. A lot of popular destinations that are further away experience their rainy seasons during the summer months and the summer months in the southern hemisphere are actually December, January and February.

2. Booking without checking peak season

Nothing steals your chill faster than throngs of people invading your alone time. Especially when you are all vying for spots on the beach, by the pool or for tables at restaurants and bars. Imagine trying to get your sunset photo at a beauty spot with 150 other tourists? Unfortunately this is the reality for most popular resorts during peak season, especially if it is a day trip drop off point for cruises and liners, which is the case with many coastal European destinations.

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3. Not checking the health guidelines

It’s really important to do your homework before you travel, especially if you’re heading somewhere tropical. Make sure you have any necessary or recommended vaccines or boosters, and whatever essentials you’ll need, like malaria medication. These might require a number of doses before travel or a minimum length of time to kick in. Check out the Tropical Medical Bureau which breaks down advice by country. Zika virus is another ongoing concern in certain countries, if you are pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant, so it might be better to avoid areas that are experiencing an outbreak. For more information see the World Health Organisation.

4. Relying on social media recommendations

Social media can be a great way to discover hotels and restaurants, but relying on it alone could leave you disappointed. Things may look great in pictures and video but make sure you check genuine and recent online reviews and ratings to make sure the service and cleanliness is up to scratch. Don’t rely on a recommendation from an influencer who might have been gifted a stay or paid to post filtered content, and definitely do not rely on sponsored posts by the venue themselves.

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5. Not booking adult-only hotels

If quiet romance for two is what you seek, then booking an adult-only hotel is key. Couples with children tend to jet off during the school holidays, so booking outside of these times, somewhere that is adults only, or that has adults-only amenities, means this won’t be an issue. Remember, couples with young children are just as entitled as you to holiday somewhere lovely.

6. Not doing the necessary paperwork

There are many countries that require travel visas to enter. You may be able to get your visa at the point of entry (airport, land border or sea port) or by applying online, but in most cases you will have to apply to the country’s embassy or consulate. Countries like the United States and Canada require visitors to apply for an ESTA visa online before travelling, while others require your passport to be at least six months old or in date by a minimum amount of time.

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7. Failing to plan

Honeymoons tend to be bucketlist trips, so if there’s something you absolutely want to do, or somewhere you absolutely want to stay, book well in advance to avoid disappointment. You’ll have more date options, or accommodation options to choose from, because the last thing you want to hear is that the safari you planned is fully booked for the season.

8. Overplanning

Of course, it’s good to put an itinerary together if there are things you would like to do, but be careful not to cram too much in and over plan on your trip. This is a pitfall that’s particularly easy to make on a city break when there is so much to see and do. Factor in time to relax, and explore a new city or destination together at a pace that allows for spontaneity. This is particularly important if you are honeymooning soon after your wedding – you will be exhausted!

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9. Spending all your time on social media

There’s a very good chance that you will be somewhere very Instagrammable on your trip, but that’s no reason to spend your entire honeymoon on social media. This is the time to disconnect from the outside world and connect with each other. Remember if you do want to share your trip with your followers, you don’t have to post in real time.

10. Spending all your time in your room

Far be it from us to interupt your fun, in fact feel free to spend as much time in the sheets as you like. However, do try to get up and out to explore the resort, even if you are tired. Even research alternative activities outside of the resort. You can stay in bed all day at home!

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11. Too much time in the sun

Sunburn or worse, sunstroke, is a serious buzz kill. We even know someone who burned their feet so badly on honeymoon that they couldn’t wear shoes for the rest of their trip. Not only can sunburn affect your sleep (and any potential sexy time) but a particularly bad burn could land you in the hospital. Put on SPF and a hat, especially when out and about, and take breaks while sunbathing.

12. Not being cautious with food

Unless you’re eating street food, eating out or at your resort is usually a safe bet. However if you have a sensitive stomach or food allergies, know for sure what’s in the food you’re eating. Learn phrases like ‘gluten-free’ and ‘dairy-free’ in the local language or anything else you have an allergy to so you can check with your server. When it comes to water, always err on the side of caution and drink bottled if you’re unsure and pack pharmacy essentials like motillium and imodium in your bag.

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13. Not budgeting your spending money

When you’re working out your honeymoon budget, factor in spending money and the cost of the activities that you want to do. You don’t want to feel like you have to scrimp and watch your finances while you’re away. Saying that, it’s easy to get carried away at the start, so maybe set yourself a daily budget to keep track of your spending.

14. Assuming you’ll get an upgrade

Just because it’s your honeymoon doesn’t mean that you will automatically get an upgrade. This goes for both rooms and flights, and is especially true in high season. You most likely won’t be the only ones on honeymoon. Book the level you are happy to travel at, or stay in, from the start.

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15. Not respecting the culture

Depending on where you are travelling, there could be very strict rules in terms of what is acceptable in public. Public displays of over affection might be frowned upon in certain Muslim countries, and you might be expected to dress modestly and even cover your head in certain circumstances if you are a woman. There might also be restrictions on alcohol consumption. It’s always a good idea to bring plenty of bikini cover ups as well in case you want to nip to the shop or for lunch while at the pool or beach.

16. Forgetting your marriage documents

If you’ve changed your name legally, but not on your passport then it’s important to travel with a copy of your marriage certificate to show officials. Not to mention that there are also some countries which do not allow unmarried couples to stay together.

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17. Not booking in the night before

When it comes to flight times, especially red-eye or long-haul, you can end up at your destination very early. This usually means half a day hanging around wiating for your room to be ready when all you want to do is sleep. Don’t assume your hotel will be able to offer you early check-in, and consider booking in the night before so you can check in on arrival. It might be only a small difference in the overall price of the accommodation but you aren’t starting your honeymoon exhausted.

18. Paying for the wrong upgrade

When you have a bit of budget to play with you might decide to treat yourself to an upgrade on your flight or your room. Think about which would suit your travel plans best and choose accordingly. A flight upgrade might mean you can arrive rested at your destination, while a room upgrade might mean better amenities in your room like the view, or a bigger terrace. However, if you plan on spending most of your time out and about doing activities or at the pool or beach, then your room really is just somewhere to lay your head. Business class on a short-haul flight really is only good for the free Champagne!

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20. Not packing well

Even if you check the weather and season of your destination, there’s no accounting for unexpected weather. It’s wise to pack something warm for evenings, and for the plane, which can be cold, and light, loose cotton and linen items for very sunny destinations. Make sure to pack the right footwear and clothing if you have any excurions planned like hikes or other adventuring. Packing also includes the right luggage – and we have a whole post on the best honeymoon luggage here.

20. Not doing something for both

Remember there are two of you on this trip, and your idea of a good time on holiday might be very different to your partner’s. Sit down at the planning phase and describe your dream honeymoon to each other, then compromise if there are any differences. Remember you can always do a honeymoon of two halves (beach resort followed by a safari) or do a multi-destination trip!

21. Not Getting the Right Travel Insurance

It’s your responsibility to make sure you’re able to cover any fees for medical treatment abroad – so having the right travel insurance is vital. If you already have insurance check your policy to ensure it covers the countries you are visiting, and the activities you have planned (water sports, winter sports, etc). The nearest embassy, high commission or consulate will not pay these costs. Be sure to answer any questions from your insurance provider about your medical history fully and honestly, as withholding any medical history may mean you’re not fully covered if something happens. Of course, we’re going to think positive thoughts and assume it will all go perfectly, but just in case.

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