45 Best Places to Propose in New York (Wholesome Ideas)

So you live in town or you are visiting New York? And you want to propose in New York? We’re locals and we know this city well! Here are the top 45 locations to go to if you want to make a memorable proposal in NYC.

If you need creative ideas for the proposal itself. Don’t worry; we have your back. We’ve listed over 45 creative marriage proposal ideas. Most of them can be easily arranged.

  1. Empire State Building
  2. Central Park
  3. Green Acre Park
  4. Top of the Rock
  5. Metropolitan Museum of Art
  6. Grand Central Station
  7. The High Line
  8. Brooklyn Bridge Park
  9. Coney Island
  10. The Hayden Planetarium
  11. Harbor Cruise
  12. Governors Island
  13. The Little Red Lighthouse
  14. Strawberry Fields
  15. Washington Square Park
  16. Times Square
  17. Gramercy Park
  18. Staten Island Ferry
  19. Rockefeller Center Ice Rink
  20. Helicopter Ride
  21. Brooklyn Heights Promenade
  22. Chinese Scholar’s Garden
  23. Harlem High Bridge
  24. Paley Park
  25. Liberty Island
  26. Mmuseumm
  27. Brooklyn Botanic Garden
  28. Tiffany and Co.
  29. AKC Museum of the Dog
  30. Ditmas Park
  31. Fort Greene Brownstones
  32. Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park
  33. Gantry Plaza State Park
  34. Hudson River
  35. Pier 15
  36. The Strand Bookstore
  37. Winter Garden Atrium
  38. The Lotus Garden
  39. Wave Hill
  40. Bronx River Forest Trail
  41. Film Forum
  42. Lincoln Center Revson Fountain
  43. Domino Park
  44. Red Hook Winery & Columbia Street Waterfront
  45. Jewelry Showroom

Empire State Building

ideas to propose at the Empire State Building

Of all the buildings in New York that are globally familiar, none is more so than the Empire State Building. Featured in many great movies such as “Sleepless In Seattle,” “An Affair To Remember,” and, of course, “King Kong,” it’s a location that is hard to beat, just for the sheer majesty of it.

Ignore those who say, “Oh, but it’s such a cliché”.

The Empire State Building is never a cliché. However, if you really want to get the best out of your proposal, timing will be everything. The Observatory stays open until 2am, so head out (and up) after midnight, and the deck will be much less crowded. Alternatively, book a ticket to see the sunrise. These are limited to just 100 people and are just that little bit different.

This is one of our top proposal recommendations from this list of Proposals in New York!

Central Park

Central Park NYC

Gone are the dark days of the 1970s, when Central Park had something of a reputation as a crime hotspot and was seriously rundown.

It is now rightly seen as one of the world’s great showpieces. The 1980s and 1990 saw massive improvements and renovations which catapulted the park into near-legendary status. The current biggest problem for would-be proposers is where to pop the question. There are so many perfect stops.

You have the stunning Bow Bridge, but it can get a little crowded when the weather is fine. Under the walls of Belvedere Castle, with its turrets and towers built right into the Manhattan schist bedrock, you will always be able to find a quiet spot. The Loeb Boathouse, Shakespeare Garden, and Ladies Pavilion are also very romantic spots. If you so wish, the Park offers proposal packages with planning help, a photographer, and a musician.

Greenacre Park

Greenacre Park in New York

What if we told you that Manhattan has another park? One with a waterfall, and which is full of scented foliage and flowers? What if we also said that it is open to the public and is just off E 51st St? Well, that would be Greenacre Park, probably the best-kept secret in New York.

It isn’t big, at less than 6,500 sqft, but it is exquisitely beautiful. The park is only open from mid-April to early December, so you’ll need to plan your timing, but it’ll be worth it. It is a tranquil haven in a city of continual hustle and bustle. Although it has only a few hundred visitors a day, its small size means you’ll be unlikely to have the park to yourself. The upside is that everyone goes for peace and quiet, so it will feel like you’re as alone as you need to be.

Learn more about Greenacre Park.

Top Of The Rock

If the crowds of the Empire State Building put you off a little, then opt for the less well-known Top of the Rock. Although it doesn’t have the instant recognizability of the Empire State, its views are no less breathtaking. It’s also quieter, with the added bonus that you get a view of its taller cross-town rival.

The name comes from it being the top of 30 Rockefeller Plaza – the “30 Rock” of the sitcom of the same name. The view rivals any in New York and deserves much more acclaim than it actually gets.

The bragging rights for a Rockefeller Center marriage proposal are pretty high!

It has the added benefit of being right next to the Estate Diamond Jewelry Showroom. Click here to book tickets to Top of the Rock.

This is one of our favorite NYC proposal picks.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art New York

What better than a roof garden in the summer or fall to propose? For art lovers, especially, the Met is one of the most beautiful places in the city.

A walk through the gorgeous garden, a drink at the bar, and a proposal under a stunning sunset with spectacular views of Central Park and beyond. It’s like whoever designed the Met just knew what the outcome would be.

Click here to learn more about the Met.

Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station NYC

Okay, so don’t go during rush hour. Off-peak, though, Grand Central really can get pretty quiet. Choose your time carefully, and there might be next to nobody there, actually. You have several choices, from the Marble Staircase to the 4-sided clock.

The most romantic part of the station is probably the Whispering Gallery. The domed construction means that a whisper said at one side travels to the other. Pick any of the four arches down on the dining concourse. Ask her to stand at the other side, and your proposal can be made across the 35 feet of the arch. We guarantee she won’t see it coming, but she will hear it!

The High Line

The High Line NYC

During the day, crowds on the High Line can reach epic proportions. Early morning or evening, though, the walks are much less crowded.

Lots of little nooks and crannies, as well as benches to sit on with beautiful views, make this a great place to ask for her hand. The location of the High Line also means that a wonderful dinner to celebrate is only ever a short walk away.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park NYC

Brooklyn Bridge itself, whilst a fantastic photo opportunity, is usually so crowded as to be impractical for a proposal. Instead, take a walk down the mile-long waterfront, which runs underneath.

Uninterrupted views of the river are spectacular at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. There are also gardens and cafés to grab a celebratory cake and coffee. If the weather is nice, the stroll will take you less than half an hour, but there are plenty of places to stop and admire what you see.

This location makes it one of the best places to propose in New York.

Coney Island

Coney Island NYC

For the whimsical and fun-loving, there are few better places than the Coney Island Boardwalk. Whether you’re a roller coaster freak or you go for the hot dogs at Nathan’s, Coney Island is a place for little and big kids.

Propose on the Ferris wheel or down towards Manhattan Beach. Better still, stay for the nightly fireworks and propose under a sky full of color. Summer and Coney Island were made for each other, so hop the train to Stillwell Avenue and have a blast.

The Hayden Planetarium

Hayden Planetarium NYC

Another great location that became slightly overplayed after it was featured in an episode of Friends. But, several years later, the Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History is back to being gloriously romantic. Check the best times to visit when it’s a little quieter, and choose your moment.

A proposal under starlight, in the middle of the day? Why not?

A Harbor Cruise

Sailing down the Hudson on Boat

NYC has so many landmarks, it can be hard to see them all in a day. It is also often difficult to get great views due to the nature of a packed and very small island. Do the next best thing and take a harbor cruise. Sailing down the Hudson on a warm evening brings views of the city that you can’t otherwise see. Propose on deck, with the greatest backdrop in the world, and you’ll both remember it forever.

Packages are available including food and drinks, at very reasonable prices, or you can even charter a boat, just for the two of you.

Governors Island

governors island nyc

A former military base doesn’t sound much like the place to offer a proposal of marriage but think again. Now with lovely and serene parks that are perfect for picnicking, Governors Island is a world away from its traditional use. Rent bikes and take a leisurely peddle around an almost traffic-free island. Picnic Point on the south-west tip is the perfect spot to relax and catch the cooling breeze being drawn up through the Upper Bay. It also offers the best views of Liberty and Ellis Island on the NY side of the state line.

Many people still haven’t realized how great Governors Island is, and you can beat them to it!

The Little Red Lighthouse

Little Red Lighthouse

Or Jeffrey’s Hook Light, to give it its official name. The only lighthouse left in the city, it was only saved by public demand after the construction plans of the George Washington Bridge included its demolition. It’s not the most scenic of destinations, perhaps, but it is historically important and offers superb views north and south.

It’s a little different, and a real talking point when you tell people how and where you proposed!

Strawberry Fields

Central Park Strawberry Fields

Technically, it is part of Central Park, but it is also a destination in its own right. The memorial to John Lennon is situated just inside the park gates opposite W 72nd Street. The corner of W 72nd and Central Park West is the location of the Dakota Building was the home of John Lennon. He was shot right outside the building in 1980. Although it may not seem romantic, the tiled mosaic memorial is always full of flowers and is incredibly peaceful. If your partner is any kind of music fan, she will surely appreciate the importance of the place.

Feel free to place your own flower on the memorial, as many do.

Click here to view the Strawberry Field website.

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park NY New York

Washington Square Park is great for many reasons, but the view is by far the best. At night, when the arch is lit up, you can look straight through it all the way up the 34th St. and the Empire State Building. It is a beautiful site, and the park will be alive with street musicians and food vendors of all types.

For a few dollars, you can find a musical to serenade you whilst you celebrate your engagement with a dance!

Times Square

Proposal in Times Square NYC

Time Square is busy. In fact, Times Square is ALWAYS busy. Now that’s out of the way, don’t let it affect your decision to propose here. Plenty of Jumbotrons are available if you’d like to put your proposal in lights, or just pick a spot and propose. On Valentine’s, there is an annual “Love In Times Square” event if you need emotional but unspoken support from other nervous proposers.

However you do it, a little bit of Times Square will always be yours.

Gramercy Park

Gramercy Park NYC Places to Propose

If you really want to propose in style, consider a stay at the Gramercy Park Hotel. The hotel is fabulous, and a real celeb hotspot, but that’s not why it makes our list. The hotel has a private garden that only a few local residents and hotel guests can access. Every bit as stunning as the hotel, the garden offers privacy and style that is hard to find in a bustling metropolis on the scale of NYC.

Style of this quality isn’t cheap, but a one-off like your proposal deserves something special.

Staten Island Ferry

Staten Island Ferry Proposal

Not as elegant as a cruise liner, not as private as a charter yacht. But a million times more iconic than the pair of them combined. The Staten Island Ferry is one of NYC’s truly iconic features, and a nighttime voyage is perfect for a proposal. The ferry runs 24/7, so finding a quiet time is easy. Best of all, the ferry costs precisely nothing to use. In a world where everything has its price, it is a rare treat.

Famous for many things, why not add your own memory to its packed history?

The Rink at Rockefeller Center

the rink at the Rockefeller Center

Sometimes, traditions start without any real intention to be so. When the first Rink at Rockefeller appeared, it’s unlikely anybody thought it would become so popular for wedding proposals, but here we are! You can go it alone or book one of the VIP proposal packages the center offers.

It might seem an odd location to propose. The rink is always busy, and you may well see at least one other proposal during your skating session. But, for all that, it’s a wonderful place to pop the question, and truly unforgettable.

A Helicopter Ride

Helicopter Proposal Ride over NYC

If you’ve never taken a ride in a helicopter over NYC, you should. It truly is a breathtaking experience. Most of the tour companies are well-versed in in-flight proposals, so ask what choices you may have.

The answer to the question “Where did he propose?” has never had such an exciting answer!

Click here to order a New York helicopter ride.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

In something of a departure (literally) from the Manhattan flavor of this list, there are few more spectacular views of the city skyline than from the newly revitalized Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

If you had to list things to have in a backdrop for any event, let alone a proposal, this would have everything. The skyline, the Brooklyn Bridge and even Liberty herself provide a location unlike any other in the whole of NYC.

The Chinese Scholar’s Garden

Chinese Scholar's Garden

Believe it or not, there is actually more to Staten Island than the ferry. In what was the first of its kind in the US on opening, the Chinese Scholar’s Garden is another of those secrets which deserves a lot more recognition.

An oasis of Chinese plants and flowers, the entire construction of the garden uses not a single nail or glue gun. As a metaphor for marriage, you can do no better than proposing somewhere that is based purely on how its components work in harmony.

Harlem High Bridge

Harlem High Bridge

Everyone proposes downtown, of course. So why not head for somewhere different? Up in Harlem (not down on Broadway), the Croton Aqueduct dates back to 1848 and is NYC’s oldest bridge. After a 40 year closure period, it was finally reopened in 2015 as a spectacular and amazingly peaceful walk across from the Bronx to Manhattan.

It might be a little out of the way, but that means much fewer people and the views of the city are stunning.

Paley Park

Paley Park

Paley Park is one of the city’s smallest and one best-kept secret. Favored by business people who need a few minutes respite from the turmoil of city working, tourists tend to just pass it by. Sitting discreetly amongst the towers around E 53rd St and Madison Ave, the park is in two parts.

The first, completed in 1967 is one of the world’s best for how it brings urban and rural life together. The other part, at 520 Madison Avenue is newer but incorporates pieces of the Berlin Wall. Paley Park is a wonderful place for a proposal in a wonderful city.

Liberty Island

Liberty Island New York Proposal Spot

If either of you is descended from immigrants to the US, particularly those in the late 19th century and up until 1954, they would have sailed up past Liberty to Ellis Island. She is an important part of US history, and the island is a terrific place for a visit in fine weather.

If you are thinking about proposing up in the crown, though, you may need to rethink. Only medication and cameras are allowed to be taken up. You can still propose, but you can’t do it with a ring. Just be aware that you must book in advance, and numbers are limited to 240 people per day.


One of the quirkiest proposal locations ever, and probably the most memorable. The Museum is in Tribeca and is actually a 60 square feet freight elevator. Amongst the exhibits are some incredible items. Remember the shoe that made George W Bush duck in the press conference? That’s here, as are items from the fake US fast-food franchises that have sprung up in Iran.

As we said, it’s quirky, and may not suit everyone. But different? It’s certainly that!

Click here to learn more about Mmuseumm.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The Botanic Garden is one of the horticultural gems of the city. Beautiful at any time of year thanks to the care taken in the planting, with each season bringing new experiences. There’s no doubt, though, that it is at its best in late May/June, when summer is starting to really come to life.

Choose any one of what seems like a hundred perfect spots in the Japanese Garden, Herb Garden, Cherry Esplanade or one of the indoor pavilions. There really are so many places to choose from, it’s worth a solo trip first to pick the best.

Outside of Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany and Co 5th Ave for Proposal

When someone mentions Tiffany & Co., people either think of the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or they simply think about New York in general. The company offers private rooms where you can try on the engagement rings and enjoy the moment alone. 

But not everyone cares about the exclusivity of a private room. The Tiffany & Co. store window is even more legendary than any private room inside. 

Popping the big question in broad daylight to a backdrop of the busy New York streets will be a scene to remember for the rest of your life. And if you don’t have the engagement ring on hand, all you need to do is enter the store and pick the one that speaks to you both. 

Just be warned that their prices are rather expensive…

AKC Museum of the Dog

AKC Museum of the Dog

Do you love dogs? If the answer is an enthusiastic yes, then you might really enjoy planning a proposal in the Museum of the Dog. And if you’re a dog owner, then you’ll appreciate this suggestion even more. 

The American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog originally opened in 1982 but closed down in 1986. After 32 years, it’s re-opening, and it has some amazing exhibitions in the works. 

One of the museum’s best attractions is a 2,000-year-old paw print, and they even have a fossil of a dog too. It’s the most fantastic place for any dog lover to make their proposal. 

Ditmas Park

Ditmas Park Brooklyn

The proof that New York has something for everyone is Ditmas Park, another neighborhood in Brooklyn. The Flatbush area of the borough holds this historic district that used to be a piece of land owned by the Ditmas family. 

What makes this location unique are the free-standing Victorian houses from the early 20th century. Walking down the Ditmas Park streets, you truly get a sense of stepping back into the past. 

One could spend hours admiring the architecture and preservation of these homes. Also, it’s a part of the city where most people wouldn’t think of visiting for a proposal. If you love the Victorian era, this could be a superb choice for you. 

Fort Greene Brownstones

It might seem unusual to pick a whole neighborhood as a suggestion for a romantic proposal. But it’s easy to get carried away and choose the flashiest and most over-the-top location for the proposal. 

If you’re more low-key and truly enjoy the stillness of an authentic brownstone neighborhood, Fort Green Brooklyn might just be your cup of tea. 

It’s an excellent idea if you’re planning a fall proposal and enjoy walking through rustling leaves. 

The colors of the foliage match the brownstones that line the streets. Just pick a brownstone you like, get down on one knee, and ask the person you love to marry you. 

Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park 

Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park

Franklin D. Roosevelt was undoubtedly an influential figure in American history. The Four Freedoms Park is a memorial to him and the speech he made at the US Congress in 1941. 

Regardless of whether you are inspired by his legacy or not, you can admire this beautiful park. It spreads across four acres, which means there’s so much room to choose where you want to pop the question. It’s also an incredibly modern-looking park situated on the Roosevelt island, just outside Manhattan. 

This unique location provides a view of the Empire State Building and most of mid-town Manhattan. If you love modern architecture, a park with fewer crowds, and want to add a little bit of American history to your proposal, this is the place to do it. 

However, keep in mind that it’s not the best choice in the winter because of the cold wind coming from the ocean. 

Gantry Plaza State Park 

Propose in New York Gantry Plaza State Park

This beautiful park is located in Hunters Point, Queens, and like so many places in New York, comes with a bit of history. The south side of the park was a dock facility where they unloaded rail car floats. It’s a 12-acre state park that has transfer bridges, support gantries, and many piers. 

One of the reasons why it’s such a wonderful place to propose is because it’s rarely crowded, and offers the most amazing views of the NYC skyline. And inside the park, there is more than one option for a proposal location. 

You can sit on one of many picnic tables or take a walk along the waterfront promenade. And you can admire the view of mid-town Manhattan and the United Nations building. 

Propose in New York with style!

Hudson River 

Hudson River Arial View of Bridge NYC

A river synonymous with New York City, the Hudson is a classic choice for a romantic proposal. Especially, if you’re planning to propose at sunset. Due to its location, the Hudson River promenade features some of the most glorious sunsets in the whole city. 

Just imagine all the shimmering on the water and the excitement of asking the person you love for their hand in marriage. 

In addition, the entire Hudson River Park on the north side of the river offers so many attractions and romantic spots to choose from for the big moment. 

Pier 15 

New York Proposal Pier 15

You might have heard that Pier 17 is actually the place to go in New York City. And that might be true if you want to have a lot of fun. But if you want a romantic outdoor proposal, a more private waterfront location is Pier 15. 

After you’re engaged, you can then head to Pier 17 to celebrate. The amazing thing about Pier 15 is that it’s relatively small, and has a great seating area where you can enjoy stunning views of the East River. 

When you turn around, you’ll be able to see the Brooklyn Bridge right there. A great tip if you need to summon up courage to pop the question, is to start walking from Battery Park, and in about 15-20 minutes, you’re at Pier 15. 

The Strand Bookstore 

The Strand Bookstore in New York

When talking about New York landmarks, it’s not just about buildings, piers, and museums. The Strand Bookstore has been around for nearly 100 years. 

In an era when traditional bookstores are disappearing, it becomes even more meaningful. If you and your beloved are book lovers, the fact that this historic bookstore holds millions of books and has stood the test of time no doubt fills you with joy. 

Perhaps you can browse the bookstore and when you end up in your partner’s favorite writer section, find the perfect moment to propose. The Strand Bookstore continues to thrive. And if you propose there, visiting the bookstore every time will feel even more special.

Winter Garden Atrium 

winter garden atrium spot to propose

The Winter Garden Atrium holds a special place in the hearts of so many New Yorkers. It suffered a lot of damage after 9/11, but it has since been rebuilt and restored to its former glory. 

The Winter Garden Atrium is a pavilion covered in glass, and it looks beautiful inside and out. What makes it such a great place for a proposal is that it successfully blends elegance and everyday casual style. 

People go there to grab a bite to eat, relax, but also to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and get away from the bustling city. Because it hosts concerts and symphonies, it can be a fantastic choice for music lovers as well. 

The Lotus Garden 

proposing at the lotus garden

Rooftop gardens aren’t just a novelty in NYC. They’re also a popular choice for a romantic proposal. But not all rooftop gardens possess the mystical charm of the Lotus Garden. The location is the Upper West Side, but not many local residents are familiar with it. 

The garden hosts some of the most amazing flowers and plants and spreads across 7,000 square feet. It’s open from April to November on Sundays only. Between hours 1pm and 4pm, you can plan a discreet, ultra-romantic, surprise proposal. 

However, you can also have more access to the garden if you buy a yearly membership. All the money pours back into this community garden and keeps all the trees and other botanical wonders flourishing.

Wave Hill 

The Strand Bookstore in New York

Wave Hill is a city-owned garden, but it used to be a private 28-acre estate. There’s an elegant mansion from the 19th century in the park too. The garden is in Riverdale, which is a section of the Bronx. The landscape and flora are almost exactly the same as they were nearly 200 years ago. 

This location in NYC provides enough romance and photo opportunities for a magical proposal. You also get a view of the river, the New Jersey Palisades, and it stretches all the way to the George Washington Bridge. 

If you’re planning a spring proposal, April and May offer the most beautiful gardens because of the white, pink, and yellow Magnolias. 

Bronx River Forest Trail 

bronx river forest trail

The Bronx has fought long and hard to reclaim its River and the forest too. The movement to renew the wildlife around this area started in the mid-70s and came to full fruition only recently. 

As a result, the Bronx River Forest has some of the most amazing hiking trails in the city. If you and your partner enjoy hiking, why not propose on one of these gorgeous trails? 

Not every proposal needs to be traditionally romantic. Putting your hiking sticks down to pull out the engagement ring unexpectedly will be a story to tell your friends and family. Some locations on the trail to consider are Burke Bridge, River Lookout, Island Lookout, and the Retaining Wall. 

Film Forum 

proposing at a film forum

All cinephiles out there will probably love the idea of having a romantic proposal inside a historic cinema. And if there are only a few places in the world where that’s possible, NYC is certainly one of them. This is a non-profit movie theater in Greenwich Village, Manhattan. 

This is a theater that put so many directors on the map and celebrates independent artists. Your proposal could consist of walking to the movie theatre and proposing after a carefully selected movie. 

In return, you will have a memory of your engagement in a genuinely autonomous movie theater, which is an exceptionally rare thing. 

Lincoln Center Revson Fountain 

proposing at the Lincoln center reason fountain in New York

If you want your proposal to be commemorated with the most wonderful photos, you’re probably going to hire a photographer. 

And even though New York is blessed with so many ideal photoshoot locations, the Lincoln Center Revson Fountain stands out more than the rest. It might not be the most famous fountain in the city, but it has a certain glow that will make your pictures look gorgeous. 

But it’s not just about the photos. The fountain holds a lot of history and is a part of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. 

Domino Park 

how to propose at the domino park in Brooklyn

Natives of Williamsburg have recently seen a dramatic shift on their waterfront. What used to be a Domino Sugar Refinery, a historical landmark from the 19th century, is now an 11-acre park. 

Williamsburg might not be a part of NYC that most people think about when planning a romantic proposal. But the new Domino park along the East River is nothing short of stunning. 

The park features an elevated walkway, a fountain and seating steps, and even a fog bridge. The park also has many artifacts that make it even more charming. Items like authentic and restored mooring bollards provide a unique atmosphere and also a great photo opportunity. 

Red Hook Winery & Columbia Street Waterfront 

proposing in the re hook winery on Columbia street waterfront

These two locations go hand in hand. Firstly, the Columbia Street Waterfront is often neglected when it comes to picking romantic waterfront spots for proposals. 

The Louis J. Valentino Park in the waterfront has one of the best views of the city. Not to mention that the Statue of Liberty and the entire harbor area are on display. The Red Hook Winery is a part of the waterfront too. 

And it holds a pristine reputation for a reason. The winery not only provides an excellent wine tasting experience, but it can also be a beautiful location for a smaller wedding. 

The overall impression of the waterfront and the winery is quite unique and well worth considering as places to propose. 

Propose in New York at our EDJ Showroom

Showroom picture with Afshin at Estate Diamond Jewelry
Estate Diamond Jewelry, 5th Avenue Showroom

Like we mentioned above, you can just play it old-school and propose in the jewelry store.

We have a showroom located right next to Rockefeller Center. Book an appointment to view our vintage engagement rings, and then you can propose in our stunning showroom above 5th Avenue on one side and Rockefeller Plaza on the other and opposite the rooftop from the Spiderman Movie.


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