Breathtakingly Monochrome – A Love Story in All White Florals ⋆ Ruffled

Today’s breathtakingly monochrome editorial is infused with European charm and an unwavering passion for garden roses. This wedding editorial unfolds a love story that embodies timeless elegance and blossoming romance. Embark on a journey through time guided by the remarkable planning, floral and design team, Janna Brown Design Company and skillfully immortalized by the talented lens of Micahla Vaughn.

The design & overall vibe of this shoot were carefully & skillfully crafted by Janna Brown of Janna Brown Design. With European inspiration & a love of garden roses, she pieced all the design elements together.

Paper goods by Blanche Heirloom inspired by the historic venue and classic white and green color palette based on this glorious oversized bouquet also designed by Janna Brown Design Company featuring ranunculus, roses, sweetpeas and a heavenly mix of greenery.

Germannafoundation Wedding

The bride wore a fabulous Marchesa gown full of feminine details contrasted with a patinaed building that holds its own story of beauty at The Germanna Foundation.

Germannafoundation Wedding

Salubria was built by Reverend John Thompson in the 18th century to win the heart of Anne Butler Brayne Spotswood, a widow who was initially reluctant to marry him due to her family’s objections. The house is a testament to their love and has a rich historical significance. What better place to begin a story of love?

Germannafoundation Wedding

Micahla Vaughn‘s lens captures not just images but emotions, freezing in time the stolen glances and tender embraces that define this timeless romance. Join us as we traverse through this dreamlike reverie, where European charm and the intoxicating scent of garden roses intertwine to create a love story that will forever linger in our hearts.

Germannafoundation Wedding
Germannafoundation Wedding
Germannafoundation Wedding
Germannafoundation Wedding

The Germanna Foundation‘s wedding venue offers a charming and historic setting that beautifully combines the elegance of a bygone era with the romance of a modern celebration.

Germannafoundation Wedding

Wedding Vendors:

Photography: Micahla Vaughn

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Production, design, florals & reel video: Janna Brown Design Company

GownMarchesa Bridal

BeautyBeauty Bespoken

Paper goods:  Blanche Heirloom

VenueThe Germanna Foundation


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