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diy contrast cards for babies

Blogger / 15 May, 2024 / Nanny Anita

Babies are born with limited vision. They can see around 8-10inches, which is roughly the distance of a person’s face from theirs when they are being held. Until around the age of 6 months they respond better to highly contrasting geometric shapes.

Babies find contrasting stimuli more engaging than multi coloured ones. Not only will their visual development be stimulated but also physical development like kicking and reaching.

Studies have shown that this can help increase concentrations stills and help make brain connections (using both the left and right side of the brain).

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To make your own DIY contrast cards for babies you will need:

  • A4 white paper
  • Black Pen
  • Coloured paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Fold your white paper into 3 sections.

On each part draw a pattern, if you need inspiration then all you need to do is Google contrasting cards for babies.

diy contrast cards for babies

When you have done your 3 pictures, fold the paper into a triangle and tape it together.

I also made one using black paper and vivid coloured paper.

These are great to use when they are having a nappy changed or during tummy time. Just make sure you are putting it close enough for them to see it clearly.

diy contrast cards for babies

At the moment BB prefers the black and white one to the coloured one. Although he will look at, just not as long as the black and white one.

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diy contrast cards for babies. Perfect for using during tummy time


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