Does MrBeast Have Cancer? Why His Head Is Shaved?

MrBeast does not have any cancer. Although he has Crohn’s disease. Also, he lost around 18 pounds in 2 weeks trying to complete a 30-day no-food challenge but gave up in 14 days. His friend shaved his head for losing the challenge.

MrBeast, or Jimmy Donaldson as his real name, is one of the biggest YouTube stars with a staggering 186 million subscribers. He makes daring stunt videos where he destroys or gives away expensive items.


People think that he has cancer because he is bald. Let’s find out if the rumors are true, how MrBeast’s health is, and why he is bald.

Does MrBeast Have Cancer?

No, there is no credible evidence that MrBeast has been diagnosed with or suffers from cancer. The rumors seem to have stemmed from speculations not grounded in facts. He remains open about managing Crohn’s disease but shows no signs of any serious health issues.

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Why the Speculation About Cancer?

The speculation seems to have originated from MrBeast’s bald look coupled with some fans’ concerns after other YouTube personalities disclosed cancer diagnoses. However, baldness alone is not direct evidence of cancer.

Several other conditions and lifestyle factors can cause hair loss. Moreover, MrBeast remains actively involved on various platforms, indicating no major health issues.

While fans’ worries come from a place of caring, it’s crucial not to jump to conclusions without solid proof.

What Is the Real Reason for His Baldness?

MrBeast’s bald look is a result of losing a fasting challenge he filmed, not due to medical hair loss. His friend shaved his head.

Why MrBeast Is Bald
MrBeast is going bald

It Was a Result of Losing a Challenge

In one of his videos, MrBeast documented a 30-day fasting challenge he undertook where eating was forbidden. Though he lasted over two weeks without food and lost nearly 18 pounds, hunger eventually got the better of him.

As part of the challenge terms, his friend Chris then shaved off all his hair as punishment for failing. So MrBeast’s distinctive bald appearance stems from this stunt he filmed for entertainment, not from any health condition.

He Lives With Crohn’s Disease

Instead of cancer, MrBeast has been candid about dealing with Crohn’s disease, a chronic inflammatory bowel condition. During his fasting challenge, he mentioned hoping to reduce gut inflammation from this illness.

Crohn’s symptoms can vary but commonly include abdominal pain, diarrhea, and weight fluctuations. While incurable, modern treatments help manage symptoms effectively.

MrBeast’s openness about Crohn’s has boosted awareness and inspired others facing similar challenges. His active online presence counters any notion of serious underlying health issues.

How Does His Condition Impact Him?

While Crohn’s disease can cause discomfort, MrBeast continues creating engaging videos and philanthropic projects unhindered. He aims to raise awareness about inflammatory bowel diseases and inspire others facing adversity.

MrBeast Funding Vision-Restoring Surgeries

MrBeast teamed up with an NGO that does eye surgery. He kindly offered to pay for 1000 surgery procedures. Viewers saw first-hand the big impact on people with sight problems. It was life-changing.

MrBeast Funding Vision-Restoring Surgeries
MrBeast with one of the patient after eye surgery

He is able to positively change lives through donation and bring help to those facing serious issues. His creativity and kindness keep inspiring many with hopeful messages.


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