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A hopeless spouse can’t see a way forward, a way to save the marriage. But what IS hope? How can you hold onto hope, in the face of a struggling spouse? We discuss it in this episode of the Save The Marriage Podcast.Has your spouse lost hope in your marriage’s future?

You want a warm and loving relationship, but it has had a rough patch.  You see a way forward, but your spouse can’t see it.  If that is the case, then you need a way forward.  The first stop is dealing with the hopelessness.

How important is it?

Incredibly important!  Humans do not do well with feeling hopeless.  Any bit of hope helps us to move forward.  But when we lose all hope, we lose our way.  We give up.  We wander around.  And we deepen the crisis.

What do you do about the hopelessness?  How do you avoid falling into it?

On this episode of the Save The Marriage Podcast, I cover what to do when a spouse loses hope.  We discuss what hope is, how to recover hope, and how to stay hopeful yourself.

(This is the audio version of a video you can see RIGHT HERE.)


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