Finding the Right Belize Real Estate Agent

Wondering what’s one of the best ways to purchase Belize real estate?

Deal with a trusted, reliable real estate firm that has proven its prowess over time. RE/MAX 1st Choice represents a brand so well-known globally that even the logo suggests security. And, if you ask loyal repeat customers about their experiences, prepare yourself for a long list of praises!

More than 170,000 potential buyers turn to RE/MAX 1st Choice Belize’s website each month in search of both real estate and exceptional service—especially in areas like Placencia, Hopkins, and similar coastal hubs. If you’re seeking a trusted crew of agents well-versed in understanding buyer needs and dedicated to saving you time and energy, you’re going to love dealing with these professionals. Plus, RE/MAX 1st Choice Belize properties offer endless benefits:

  • The nation is sustained by a healthy tourism market plus a huge, continual influx of North American buyers.
  • Forget “leasehold” limits and land ownership disputes; you will own your property outright.
  • There are minimal currency fluctuations in Belize; the $2 BZD to $1 USD exchange rate remains stable.
  • Property taxes are low; you’ll pay just 1.5% of the undeveloped land value.
  • Belize remains a buyer’s market
  • It’s gorgeous in Belize and the weather is idyllic.

Looking to buy real estate?

Name your desired property and find it among the average 1,000 listings posted on the RE/MAX website. This includes condominiums, villas, beach houses, beachfront land, and even private islands. Worried about details associated with purchasing overseas? RE/MAX clients say that they don’t just get a real estate agent but a trusted friend who listens carefully, respects budgets, and is so familiar with Belize’s legal system, negotiations are effortless.

Looking to sell?

You probably already know that having an assertive agent on your side is like manna from heaven, especially in today’s Belize real estate market where the huge property and investment boom shows no sign of stopping. Whether you’re eager to trade up to a different property or want to use the proceeds of your sale to fund a stock market account or make an offshore investment, RE/MAX is your resource. From helping you stage your home for maximum interior and curb appeal to legal assistance referrals, the agency’s media savvy in promoting and publicizing your property will be unprecedented.

Relax. Just knowing that the RE/MAX 1st Choice team is on your side is the best antidote to avoiding scammers while offering you the reassurances you crave. While you will, at that point, have to come up with a replacement dream, you’ll be surrounded by so many new friends, marine sporting opportunities, ancient Maya sites, and an environment that’s as close to Eden as it gets, you may not need a new dream. Start your journey here.  Allow yourself plenty of time. You’ll love what you see!


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