Group and Family Halloween Costumes

There’s something special about group Halloween costumes! Dressing up is even more fun when you have buddies. Check out all of these group or family Halloween costumes you can make before Halloween.

Where's Waldo family Halloween costume

Some years you have costume ideas coming out of your ears, and some years it’s like scraping the bottom of the barrel. Either way, we rounded up our best ideas for a whole bunch of costumes you can make before Halloween!

Lots of these are made completely from items we had in our closet, and others have the DIY touch. But all of them are a snap to make, and won’t break the bank or take up hours of your time.

Group Halloween costumes

These group Halloween costumes were all design as family costumes for 4. But they can be expanded or shrunk as necessary! Check out some of our favorite family Halloween costumes.

Where’s Waldo Family Costume

Where's Waldo family Halloween costume

This one, though, is my forever favorite! I just love the red stripes and the whole family Where’s Waldo thing. It’s so easy to put together, it’s comfortable to wear, and it looks good on all ages. Be a family of Waldos!

Group Halloween Costume DIY // In-N-Out Burger

How to make a family In-N-Out costume

One of our most popular family Halloween costumes has been an In-N-Out group costume! The burger, the fries, the In-N-Out servers — it’s whimsical and fun and totally unexpected.

Disney Group Costumes

Family Star Wars Halloween Costume

How to Make a Family Star Wars Costume for Halloween

You can thank Henry for this one. He wanted to be Luke Skywalker so bad, so we all went along with it and got into the Star Wars spirit. Depending on which version of the characters you pick, you can source most of this stuff from your own closet as well!

This tutorial has instructions for Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia, and a Baby R2D2.

Family Peter Pan Costume

Maggie was one month old but we still managed to pull something together! Henry happened to love Peter Pan and we realized that if Maggie was Baby Michael all she’d have to wear was a pink onesie. Brilliant.

This one might take a little hunting for a few of the pieces, but we sourced most of it from thrift stores or Amazon easily. See the post for all the details!

Pinocchio Costume for Groups or Families

family Pinocchio costume

This family costume for 4 was inspired by the Disney classic Pinocchio! We have tutorials for Pinocchio himself, Geppetto, Jiminy Cricket, and the Blue Fairy.

We used lots of pieces that we already had, or thrifted to find. This one is super fun to make and wear!

Wreck-It Ralph Costumes for Halloween

wreck-it ralph family costumes for halloween

Another great family Halloween costume idea is Wreck-It Ralph! I love how this one really plays on the size of adults versus children. If you have a little boy and a bigger male adult the scale is pretty cute.

A Fun Mommy and Me Costume Idea

Mommy and Me Costume Idea // Birds of a Feather

DIY Mom and Baby Bird Halloween Costume

Most of our costumes are real people, but I love a pun costume too! We made this Birds of a Feather costume for a mom and baby, but it would work for couples, siblings, or a whole family. Fast, easy, and cheap!

Couples Costume Ideas

Lumberjack Costume

DIY Lumberjack Halloween Costume

Nothing like a pregnant lumberjack, eh? I remember the day we took this photo — I was so pregnant and uncomfortable! And I had to laugh that my plaid shirt barely buttoned.

But! Halloween was calling so we lumberjacked up. This one’s super simple — plaid shirt, jeans, boots, hat. Fun accessories like fingerless gloves or suspenders (or a hatchet!) are a bonus.

Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Kids

LEGO Costume DIY for Halloween

How to make a Lego Halloween costume

We created this easy LEGO Halloween costume in a pinch when we realized we had forgotten a costume party!

It takes about an hour and you probably have everything you need to make it in your garage or shed.

Astronaut Costume

Baby astronaut costume for Halloween

We featured this little astronaut costume on Maggie when we turned her into Sally Ride, but this is easy enough to do for any family member!

Find some blue coveralls, and iron on some NASA patches. Bonus points if you carry around little planet or rocketship shapes. I love this one for little kiddos.

Easy Last Minute halloween Costumes for Adults

Soda Jerk Costume

DIY Soda Jerk Halloween Costume

A white button-up, a paper hat, a little bow tie, and a fake ice cream cone are all you need for this 1950’s throwback costume!

It would be even cuter as a couple’s or family costume — make the rest of the family into ice cream cones and one person can be the soda jerk.

DIY Simple Cat Ears

DIY Cat Ears Headband for Halloween

This one’s for all you Mean Girls fans out there — put ears on it and you can be just about anything for Halloween.

These little ears take five minutes and just a couple bucks to make (unless you already have the supplies in your craft cabinet!).

Toss on a black shirt (or an LBD if you’re going out on the town) and you’re good to go. Black cat costume, done!

Folk Singer/Hippie Costume

DIY Folk Singer Halloween Costume

I wore this costume when I was pregnant with Henry and it was PERFECT! If you have a preggo tummy, I think you can’t do much better than a folk singer or a hippie. Lends a little extra something to the costume, I think (haha!).

This is one of those that you can probably gather from your own closet — pick out every flowy thing you have, pile on the beaded jewelry, and let your hair do its own thing.

Mousketeer Costume

DIY Mouseketeer Halloween Costume

How dang cute is Ryan in his Mousketeer getup?! (Also, how much better have we gotten at taking pictures since four years ago? Hahaha!) Love this one.

If you’ve got Disneyland Mickey ears, you’re good to go. We happened to have this vintage camera that really gave the costume a fun vintage feel. Otherwise, it’s just the baseball tee and the suspenders that make the look. xoxo


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