Halloween Party Game: Zap the Ghosts

Inside this post we share a fun Halloween party game for big kids called Zap the Ghosts! You’ll need a nerf blaster or small foam balls! Big kids will love this.

What Halloween party game can you play with big kids?

You need to try this simple Halloween party game called Zap the Ghosts! My son has a birthday in October, so we love making his birthday party Halloween themed! This game was a hit with all of his friends.


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How to make this Halloween Game

  1. Start by using a pencil to draw a ghost on a piece of foam board. Grown ups can work together big kids on this. Trace the pencil drawn ghost with black marker.
  2. Next color the background with colorful markers and leave the ghost shape white.
  3. Make sure to draw some eyes.
  4. Use a serrated knife to cut out a large mouth from the center of the ghost.
  5. Stick the foam board to an assembled cardboard box using clear packaging tape.
  6. Now you’re ready to play!

How to play Zap the Ghosts

This game is really easy.

Once you have the ghosts set up, give the kids some Nerf blasters and see if that can Zap the Ghosts by aiming the Nerf darfs (or soft foam balls) into the mouths of the ghosts.

The goal is to get the most darts (or balls) inside the ghosts.

Once all your darts/balls are gone, reach inside, pull the darts out of the box and play again. Keep track of how many darts you zap into the ghost/s mouth.

Why play Halloween games?

Here are some reasons why we like to play games like this at Halloween parties for big kids:

  • Halloween games can get kids moving, which is especially great for big kids with a lot of energy.
  • Games can help kids mix up a bit and get them chatting and working together with new (or familiar) friends.
  • Games can help kids build new skills, explore skills they didn’t know they had, and get them having fun!

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