Have Better Sex With The 2023 Sex Seminar

HAVE BETTER Sex With Advice From Sex Experts

From the comfort & privacy of your own home, you can watch sex therapists & marriage experts teach video lessons covering everything you ever wanted to know about married sex!

From Learning About the Female Orgasm, to How Hormones Affect Sex Drive, to Rekindling the Passion in Your Sex Life, and SO MUCH MORE, this line up is the MOST comprehensive it’s ever been (and at a killer price!) Click HERE to see all 31 incredible topics covered at this online Sex Seminar!

Make your sex life one of the very BEST parts of your marriage!

Married Sex Conference All About Sex & Intimacy


Does your sex life need more:

  • Passion
  • Connection
  • Communication
  • Frequency
  • Foreplay
  • Desire
  • Intimacy
  • Fulfillment
  • Pleasure
  • Confidence
  • Romance
  • Spice
  • Excitement
  • FUN?

Then you need to sign up for The Dating Divas’ private, at-home seminar! 


Everyone has questions about sex. But where do you go for real answers?

This is where you can get REAL answers to all of your sensitive questions- without any awkwardness!

Get reliable, reputable answers from professionals!

We have rounded up 31 sex-perts to reveal the sex secrets that every married couple should know!

This online SEX SEMINAR includes 31 different presentations (that you can watch on your own time) to answer every sex-related question & address every problem that you have about sex! 

31 sex classes. No weird internet searches here– just answers from professionals you can trust!

Get ready for every piece of advice you never knew you needed about how to amp up your game in the bedroom.

Learn from the SEx-perts!

Have better sex with the help of certified sex experts without having to leave home.

Leading experts in the field of marriage and sex are bringing you 31 separate presentations with their best advice, practical tips, and steamy strategies that are available to TRANSFORM your sex life.

For a lot of couples, sex is a point of stress, tension, & frustration. It can be hard to navigate mismatched sex drives, unmet expectations, unspoken desires, bedroom boredom, or even more serious intimacy issues.

But we believe that physical intimacy in marriage should be: FUN, pleasurable, exciting, passionate, connecting, & fulfilling. 

With education, effort, & intention- it can be one of the BEST parts of your marriage!

31 experts, including professional marriage counselors & sex therapists, will be presenting classes on 31 different sex-related topics.

Topics covered include: 

  • The Female Orgasm
  • How to Feel Sexy 
  • How Often Should You be Having Sex
  • Sex & Periods
  • How to Talk About Sex 
  • How Hormones Affect Drive
  • 5 Types of Intimacy
  • How to Naturally Increase Libido
  • How to Rekindle the Passion in Your Sex Life
  • Sexy Date Ideas
  • How to Ask for What You Want in the Bedroom
  • Using Vibrators Together
  • Sex Therapy
  • Role-Play
  • Honeymoon Prep 101
  • How to Teach Kids About Sex


Everything you need to know about how to have better sex! 


And the best part? You don’t even have to leave your house & you can watch at your own pace on your own time! Plus, you can revisit it whenever you need for 1 full year! 

Invite your spouse to this couples sex class & watch your connection and intimacy grow. 

Private Online Classes for Better Sex


31 top-notch resources and ideas that will totally transform your sex life in the very best way!

This Seminar is usually offered at $35 (which is an INSANE STEAL for all of this expert information), but if you grab your access pass RIGHT NOW, you can view all of these videos and resources for ONLY $20! We really wanted to make this as affordable as possible for every couple!

Normally $35


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Or if you want QUADRUPLE the sexy goodness, grab the 2020 + 2021 + 2022 + 2023 Sex Seminar videos for JUST $46 total! (That’s a total of 77 sex lessons!)

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Lesson TOPICS Covered in the 2023 Sex Seminar:

  • #1- 5 Sexy Dates to Spice Things Up by THE DATING DIVASCreative & Fun Bedroom Date Nights
    • Miss the passion from your newlywed days? Has your sex life become a little boring or routine? Learn how to ban bedroom boredom and put the fun, excitement, and PASSION back into your love life with creative & SEXY date ideas! This class will share 5 FUN dates to spice up your love life! From bedroom games to role play romance- you’ll get all the tips and tricks you need to easily initiate & enjoy more intimate at-home date nights!
  • #2- Why Do I View Pornography Even When I Don’t Want to?  by DR. CAMERON STALEY Understanding the Common Factors Underlying Compulsive Sexual Behavior
    • Too often individuals continue to struggle with pornography as they focus on attempting to get rid of pornography viewing without fully understanding the reasons why they are viewing in the first place. Unwanted pornography viewing is often a symptom of other underlying concerns. In this presentation you will learn ways to better navigate these underlying factors through Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). On average, individuals who battled pornography for years were able to successfully reduce their viewing over 90% in 10 weeks with ACT. With the right approach, overcoming unwanted pornography viewing doesn’t need to take months or years of your life!
  • #3- Build Intimacy In & Out of the Bedroom by DR. KIM KIMBERLING 5 Types of Intimacy That Make for Great Sex
    • If you want a great sex life, intimacy has to be a part of the equation. As a counselor, I often hear couples use the words “intimacy” and “sex” interchangeably. Intimacy can certainly lead to sex but it can also stand on its own. Intimacy is the key to a deep connection in the bedroom. In this session, I’ll teach you the 5 types of intimacy your marriage needs, how to build them into your marriage, and practical ways to build the intimacy you need to have the connecting sex life you want.
  • #4- What NOT to Say by DR. CAMDEN MORGANTE Teaching Your Young Kids About Bodies & Sex
    • Many parents feel lost when it comes to answering their kids’ questions about bodies and sex. How much is too much to share? What information do kids really need to know? In this seminar, you’ll learn how to talk about sex and bodies shame-free. You’ll come away with guidelines for having “sex talks” with your young children (infant through elementary school). And best of all, you and your spouse will have scripts that you can tailor to share your family’s sexual values. Avoid what NOT to say and leave this presentation confident and equipped to have these conversations with your young kids.
  • #5- How to Make Your Wife More Interested in Having Sex With You by DR. MIKE FRAZIERThe #1 Trait Your Wife Is Looking For
    • Do you feel like you’re doing “all the right things,” but your wife still isn’t interested in having sex with you? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything, but nothing has worked? There’s a simple reason for this: Your wife has lost attraction to you. In our presentation, we’ll cover: The top things you’re doing that are REPELLING your wife, the #1 attractive trait your wife is looking for, and how to become the strong, attractive man that creates a strong, passionate marriage.
  • #6- Understanding the Roots and Fruits of Your Sexual Relationship by DR. DAVE SCHRAMMThe Emotional Anatomy of a Healthy Relationship
    • Feeling stuck in a rut? Then it’s time to take a deeper look at your relationship roots! Too many couples are unhappy with their sexual relationship (fruit). The root is much deeper than new sex positions and toys. Couples forget to focus on the root of relationship issues – deep unmet needs. And guess what? Most of it is not about sex! Come learn the 8 D’s of disconnection and discover what lies beneath a happy healthy sexual relationship!
  • #7- Women’s Cycles & Sex by AMANDA LOUDER How to Navigate Changes to Create a More Fulfilling Sexual Experience for Both of You
    • Does your wife shut down sex the week of her period? Does sex sound like the last thing you want to do? In this class you will learn why many women feel the way they do about sex while she’s on her period and HOW sex can be beneficial to both of you during that time.
  • #8- Cyclical Intimacy by ASHLEE SORENSENHow the Menstrual Cycle Can Deepen Marital Intimacy In and Out of the Bedroom
    • Do you ever feel like a woman’s hormones really put a damper on creating intimacy in your marriage? What most women AND men don’t know is that the menstrual cycle is actually an amazing tool for creating more intimacy and connection within a marriage. Learn how fluctuating hormones affect a woman’s desire and pleasure throughout the month, and how you can create a stronger marriage and more intimacy in and out of the bedroom!
  • #9- Keeping Sex Sexy by LAIR TORRENTGaming the Mind Body Connection and Staying Tuned in and Turned On Over the Long Haul
    • Has sex become mundane or boring? Are you afraid of losing your sexy spark to the difficulties and stressors of a long term relationship? Learn to fight flame fatigue and how to stay sexually connected to your partner for the long haul. This class will share 5 mindfulness based practices that will keep you tuned in and turned on in the bedroom. Sure date nights, toys and lingerie can help, but studies show 80% of sex happens in the mind. Keeping sex sexy is all about knowing how to game the mind body connection. This class will teach you the tips and tricks to fight the dreaded familiarity demons that kill sexual tension, and help to keep your love life alive!
  • #10- Help! My Hormones Are All Out of Balance by DR. MEGHAN SCHOENINGCommon Hormone Issues and How You Can Start Fixing Them
    • Do you wonder if you suffer from hormone issues or were you told by your doctor that your hormones are causing symptoms? Women often feel lost because their health symptoms can be all over the place. In this class we will identify common hormone issues and discuss how you can start fixing them.
  • #11- From Boring to Soaring by MONICA TANNER5 Things You Can Do to Rekindle a Love That Has Grown Cold
    • Are you longing for the passion and excitement you once felt for your sweetheart, but find yourself feeling disconnected, resentful or living like roommates? Here are 5 things you can do right away to rekindle the spark and livelihood of your relationship, even if it feels hopeless. Whether you have been together for days or decades, these simple practices will help you keep that flame alive and add new dimension to your emotional, physical, recreational, intellectual, spiritual and sexual intimacy. Tune into this presentation to give your marriage a tune up!
  • #12- You Matter Too! by AMBER A PRICEHow Self-Silencing Sabotages Sex (& What to Do About It)
    • Do you feel like someone always wants something from you and all you ever do is take care of others? And maybe it feels like this translates over into the bedroom too? Sometimes sex can become just one more thing on our to-do list or one more person to take care of and it can be easy to deprioritize our own sexual interests and pleasure. And unfortunately, too many of us are hesitant to speak up for what we want because we either don’t really know, or we feel “selfish” if we do. Learn why it matters so much (for both of you) that you stop silencing your sexual desires, and 3 specific things you can do to figure out what you want and how to start communicating them to your partner.
  • #13- Sexy Selfish Benefits by NAKETA REN THIGPEN- How Being Intentionally “Selfish” Lovers Deepens Intimacy
    • In less than 30 minutes, learn how you can amplify intimacy, boost communication, and create more play in your relationship – all while being Intentionally “selfish!” When it comes to relationships, especially marriage, we’ve been taught that we need to be selfless. But the truth is, being intentionally selfish is the key to a healthy and thriving relationship. When was the last time you asked for exactly what you want, they way you want it in the bedroom? Did you ask through an edited filter, minimizing your true desire by compromising because of what you felt your lover would or wouldn’t be interested in doing with or to you?
  • #14- The Porcupine Dilemma by RHONDA FARR What’s Beneath Your Sexual Relationship
    • What does your marriage have to do with a couple of porcupines? In this interactive presentation you’ll learn why intimacy is something we simultaneously crave and repel. Intimate relationships expose us to uncomfortable emotions and it can feel a bit painful. If we aren’t careful, we’ll pull away and sabotage the intimacy we desire most. Come learn what your emotional pain points are and deepen your sexual intimacy along the way.
  • #15- The Value of Sex by TREY & LEA MORGANWhy Sex Should Matter in Your Relationship
    • Yes, sex is for pleasure and it’s for procreation, but it’s for SO much more than just those two things. It’s what connects and reconnects you as a couple. There is a lot of power in a healthy sex life. You will learn fourteen practical ways to really bless and increase the value of your sex life.
  • #16- Ugh! What Even Is Sex Therapy? by LISA ELIESON, MA, LPC-S, CSTLearn What a Sex Therapist Can Do for You
    • Sex life in trouble? How do you know when to get help? Learn what a sex therapist can do for you! Join us in this behind the scenes peek at how a sex therapist can reignite the passion with couples. Share in the expertise of how to make sex FUN by connecting emotionally and physically with your partner. This class will answer the most common questions clients have about attending sex therapy. And find out what the most common issue seen in sex therapy is.
  • #17- Vibrators 101 by BAT SHEVA MARCUS LCSW, MPH, PhDEverything You Wanted to Know About Vibrators but Were Afraid to Ask
    • Vibrators may be the most underused tool in a woman’s sexual toolkit! And you know why? Because so many of us find the idea of a vibrator overwhelming, confusing, embarrassing and, let’s be honest, maybe even a bit shameful. Well this course will put an end to all that by introducing and guiding you through the world of vibrators. I promise it is all way less confusing than you think. I’ll talk about why using a vibrator might be helpful, how to choose a vibrator and how to use it in a partnered relationship. So what are you waiting for?
  • #18- From Duty to Delight by DANIELLE SAVORYSaying No to Duty Sex and Increasing True Desire
    • Are you tired of feeling obligated to have sex? Or like maybe you’re letting your partner down? Ready to learn how to tap into your true desires and experience pleasure like never before? It’s time to break free from obligation and embrace pleasure! When you say “yes” to sex from your entire being, your pleasure will be magnified beyond measure. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your sex life from obligation to ecstasy!
  • #19- Keeping It Spicy While Raising Littles by KINGDOM SEXUALITY Reignite the Passion in Your Relationship While Navigating Parenthood’s Ups and Downs
    • Having trouble keeping things hot and steamy in the bedroom with little ones running around? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you! Let our expert panelists, Alana, Kyle, and Tiera, spill the beans on how they keep the fire burning through the ups and downs of family life. From navigating hormonal rollercoasters to getting creative with location ideas, we’ve got all the practical tips and tricks to reignite the spark in your love life. Don’t wait- rediscover the passion with your partner!
  • #20- How Often Should You Be Having Sex in Your Marriage? by AMBERLY LAMBERTSENHow to Find Your Normal Throughout Every Stage of Marriage
    • Do you ever wonder if the amount of sex you and your spouse have is normal? Have you ever found yourself wondering how often other couples around you are having sex? Find out how often couples are having sex and how often you should be having sex. You will receive actionable tips to help you find that normal in your marriage and create more opportunities for physical intimacy, including sex, in your relationship.
  • #21- Falling in Love With Your Body Again by KEELIE REASON Feel Sexy and Comfortable in Your Skin
    • Look in the mirror and feel unhappy with what you see? Learn to change your mindset and create habits that will help you accept what you look like today…no matter what. Worry less about the way you look naked and enjoy sexual intimacy more! These tips and mindset shifts will help you at every stage of your life as your body changes.
  • #22- Honeymoon Prep 101 by CARLIE PALMER WEBB 5 Things You Need to Know Before Your Honeymoon
    • Prepping for a wedding and your sexual debut as a couple? Learn how to make sure your transition to sexual activity is 100% worth the wait. This session will provide five specific things you need to know in order to create a healthy, happy, and mutually pleasurable sexual relationship. From honeymoon must-haves to healthy sexual beliefs, you’ll get practical, actionable honeymoon help. If your sex education has been limited and you could use some serious help, I’ve got you covered (or… uncovered).
  • #23- No Time to Do It? by SARAH BELZER Calendar It!
    • Remember the beginning of your relationship when you would drop everything for time with each other? In a healthy, mature, relationship, your partner is still your first priority, but other things compete more successfully for your time than they used to. This doesn’t mean the thrill is gone, it just means that you have to approach your sex life like the other goals in your life: if your physical relationship is a priority – and it should be – then you need to treat it like one. Add it to your calendar! Learn how you can make scheduling sex work for you and enjoy the domino effect!
  • #24- The Female Orgasm by SHARON WILLIAMS What Wives and Husbands Need to Know
    • Remember when you were younger and daydreamed about marriage and intimacy? Wives, could you ever have imagined how much you DIDN’T know about sex, and your own pleasure and orgasms? Husbands, does her clitoris and orgasm seem like a mystery to you? Learn some strategies for working together to prioritize her pleasure and orgasm! This class will teach couples what they need to know about female sexual anatomy, how it works, and what it needs to experience pleasure. Ladies, you will learn tips for taking care of your vulva, mind, and body that will help you in everyday life as well as in sex. Husbands, you will learn how to support your wife and specific techniques for giving her pleasure.
  • #25- Role-Play Date Nights by JON AND KATIE RUNYAN Add More Fun, Flirting, Fantasy, and Foreplay to Your Marriage
    • Are you ready to add some excitement, playfulness and novelty to your marriage? Do you love the idea of creating new memories, being adventurous, building connection, experiencing pleasure, having fun again and breaking free from your typical routine? We hope the answer to these questions is an enthusiastic YES! In this lesson you will learn how exciting having a role-play date with your spouse can be for your next date night! We will teach you all about the benefits of role-playing, classic scenarios, how to ask your spouse, tips and tricks of getting into character, and how role-playing can be just the thing to spice up your sex life! You’ll be inspired to plan your next date and we hope to leave you excitedly wondering… Who will you and your spouse be tonight?
  • #26- From Frustrated to Fulfilled by ALEXANDRA STOCKWELL, MD – Learn to Say What You Want so it’s Appealing to Try It
    • Want to know the KEY to creating long-lasting, erotically gratifying sex? Wondering how to talk about what you like/don’t like, what turns you off and what new things you’d like to try? The answer to both questions is the same and in this class you will learn it all! You’ll discover how to have conversations that leave both of you excited and intrigued, rather than disconnected and hurt. You’ll access the surefire way to bring up new sexual topics that is respectful, connecting, and also exciting. Using the communication tools from this class will expand your ability to enjoy your sex life forever!
  • #27- Sex Is a Language by COREY ALLAN We Are Always Communicating Something
    • Ever wonder why connecting romantically, emotionally and sexually is a struggle at time? Ok, perhaps all the time? Learn about how married life means there is always communication happening and it’s actually the messages that are the problem. This class will explore how the natural dynamics of every relationship have very particular rules and aspects, then discover how to use these rules to help grow yourself up, then your marriage so you both will be able to experience deeper and more meaning connections during sex and every other aspect of the relationship.
  • #28- Talking Openly and Comfortably About Sex by DR. CHELOM LEAVITT We Can’t Communicate What We Don’t Know and We Can’t Be Mind-Readers
    • Do you struggle to talk about what you need in sex or what you love about sex? Is sex talk uncomfortable? Learn how to avoid some common mistakes and eliminate problem behavior from how you and your partner talk about physical intimacy.
  • #29- How To Embrace Your Eroticism by DAN PURCELL 100% Shame Free and How to Share and Receive It With Your Spouse
    • Every person has an erotic side, even if they haven’t discovered or cultivated it yet. Sometimes our erotic side gets buried under the mundane part of life. Our erotic natures draw us to our spouse and make lovemaking fun and exciting! In this seminar, learn the A-B-C-D-E process for finding more joy, connection, excitement, and maybe a little more naughtiness to your bedroom!
  • #30- Relationship Tools You Don’t Know You Need by TONY OVERBAY Tips and Tools Born From 15 Years of Practice With 1500 Couples
    • You don’t even realize how much better your relationship can be! Even if you feel like your relationship is solid, I guarantee you that there are things about relationships that you don’t even know that you don’t know. As a practicing couples therapist for over 15 years, I have worked with over 1500 couples continually looking for the secret sauce that can make any and all relationships better. In this class, you will learn the tools, tips and strategies that you didn’t even know that you needed to improve your relationship.
  • #31- Passion and Parenting by KRISTIN HODSON Keeping Marriage Hot While Parenting Feels Heavy
    • Are you often left longing for more connection with your spouse? Whether you are navigating diapers or high school graduations, intimacy and connection can start to feel like a challenge and can get a bit routine. In this seminar, Kristin will teach you timeless principles and intentional rituals that will help keep intimacy and passion thriving as you navigate parenthood.



This Seminar includes EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted to know about married sex & getting that newlywed passion back! 

Your sex life will never be the same!

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