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How to dye popcorn kernels

Blogger / 10 June, 2024 / Nanny Anita

In all the years that I have been making sensory trays I have never actually used popcorn kernels.  I think the thought of dying them has put me off.  Well, no more, I have a fool proof (famous last words) way of how to dye popcorn kernels.

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To dye popcorn kernels you will need:

  • Ziplock bag/container
  • Food dye
  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Popcorn kernels

This is not a quick process; you need to give yourself at least 24 hours to dye them and then extra time to dry them.

Divide your popcorn kernels evenly between your containers.

how to dye popcorn kernels

Add some vinegar and water.  I didn’t do measurements, I just eyeballed it.  But you need to make sure that all the kernels are completely covered.

Next add the food colouring.

Give the bags a good shake.

how to dye popcorn kernels

Now leave them for 24 hours.  This part is really key.

After 24 hours empty out each of the bags, one at a time, into a colander and give them a little rinse.

Finally line a tray with kitchen towel and put the kernels on it to completely dry out.

I noticed that out of all the colours I used the green didn’t turn out very well after 24 hours, so I left them in there for another 48 hours.  When I did empty them out they really were very vibrant.

I think they have a lovely translucent colour to them.  Once they are all ready you can add them to your sensory tray.

Please remember these may posses a chocking risk to small children.  Please use with discretion.

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How to dye popcorn kernels


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