Is Exercising in Makeup Bad for Your Skin? Dr. Raja Mohan Weighs In

Since, there has continued to be a growing trend of highlighting daily workouts on social media, many women and men opt to workout in makeup, but did you know that doctors have a warning for their patients? Many doctors, and skin care experts emphasize that this is harmful for your natural complexion! In fact, did you know that, according to the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, a recent survey  indicated that as many as 60% of gym-goers wear facial makeup while exercising? I had the pleasure of learning from renowned plastic surgeon, and Dallas, Texas based Dr. Raja Mohan how we as the general public and as readers of Social The Lifestyle Magazine, can take better care of our skin while working out. Dr. Raja Mohan  provided his insight and expertise:

Meghan Forte: How does working out and sweating, while wearing makeup, change the skin or have negative effects?

Doctor Raja Mohan: Make up will block pores whose function is important when exercising.  They assist with sweating and evaporation. Clogging pores increases the risk of developing acne. 

Meghan Forte: Why is it important to wash your face after a workout?

Dr. Raja Mohan : Washing your face after a workout removes sweat and debris and bacteria. It helps unclog pores and prevent acne formation.   

Meghan Forte:  How does working out outside pose a risk to premature aging?

Dr. Raja Mohan: This is related to sun and environmental exposure. Outside exposure increases the risk of developing wrinkles and pigmentary issues.   

Meghan Forte: What are some other ways to protect your skin when working out, outdoors (at the beach, hiking, other summer activities)?

I would recommend wearing high SPF sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats.  The key is to prevent environmental and sun exposure when being outside to protect one’s skin.

Meghan Forte:  In what ways does using skincare products with antioxidants help our bodies be safe from the sun?

Doctor Raja Mohan: Antioxidants help prevent sun damage caused by UV rays.  It reduces the chance of aging as well as development of skin cancers/lesions.   

Furthermore, according to the study, conclusions found that wearing face makeup while engaging in sweat-inducing physical activity can have a serious impact on your skin. The conclusion of the study also stated,“The findings suggest that using foundation cream during aerobic exercise can reduce skin oil, causing dryness. Additionally, makeup can clog pores and increase sebum production. Therefore, wearing makeup may not be recommended for people with dry skin conditions based on the results of the current study.” 

Doctor Raja Mohan is a graduate of University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, he also completed the integrated plastic surgery residency with the  joint program behind  Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland’s  plastic surgery program, and accomplished a one year aesthetic surgery fellowship at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Thank you Doctor Raja Mohan, for educating us readers about the best way to naturally keep our skin healthy. Doctor Raja Mohan also offers his patients: face, body, and breast cosmetic surgeries and procedures. 

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