My new book: ‘Celebrate With Me’

I’m really excited to share a little project I worked on earlier this year… a new book! And it’s very different to the other book I released this year (read about my first book, Modern Paper Piecing, here)…

Celebrate With Me book by Laura Gladwin and Mike Aspinall

About ‘Celebrate With Me’

This new book, named ‘Celebrate With Me‘, is a children’s book that celebrates the wonderful variety of holiday traditions that happen across the world. It was published in partnership with No Kid Hungry, a charity that aims to end child hunger. 100% of my royalty fees from the book will be donated to the charity, to help support the vital work they are doing.

‘Celebrate With Me’ was written in collaboration with 24 fellow creative people. We all donated words, ideas and stories inspired by a holiday that we love. Each holiday was then transformed into a beautifully illustrated double-page spread – featuring an intro to the tradition, a craft project and a recipe.

The big question is: which holiday did I write about?

…Halloween, of course! It’s my favourite time of year. 😀

I received my copy of ‘Celebrate With Me’ week, and I love it. It’s such a wonderful way to teach young children about cultures and traditions from across world. The crafts and recipes are really varied too, so it will keep them busy for a long time!

And lets just take a moment to appreciate the illustrations… SO GOOD. In fact, it’s so colourful and inviting, I think it would make a great coffee table book!

‘Celebrate With Me’ is out NOW, with the author royalties being donated to No Kid Hungry. Tap the buttons below to order your copy. Thank you so much for your support!

Celebrate With Me book by Laura Gladwin and Mike Aspinall


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