Osara Health partners with Allstate to offer members cancer care support

Osara Health, a provider of evidence-based behavior change intervention for cancer care, is partnering with Allstate Benefits to allow members access to behavior change programs. 

The company offers members a behavior-change program enabling people living with cancer to return to work faster. 

Osara’s program is an educational behavior-change program that aims to improve quality of life and additional health outcomes for people living with cancer. The program was developed by oncologists seeking to reinvent cancer care after identifying gaps in holistic care. 

“Supporting members in a meaningful way when they are going through a serious health event like cancer is at the core of what we do. We believe our partnership with Osara Health will empower more people affected by cancer to get the medical care and support they need so that they can focus on their path to health and happiness,” David Essary, president of Allstate Benefits and Allstate Health Solutions, said in a statement.


Research from the American Society of Clinical Oncology shows 25% of emergency department visits and expenses stem from insufficient symptom management for people living with cancer. 

Approximately 45% of cancer diagnoses occur during working years and 40% of cancer patients never return to work. 

A study published last March found that participants in Osara programs were 73% more likely to return to work than employees not offered the program. 

Osara Health, formerly Cancer Aid, was launched in 2016 by oncologists determined to change the trajectory of the cancer care experience. It focuses on empowering people living with cancer to leverage knowledge, strategies and behaviors for better cancer outcomes. 

Other companies in the cancer care space include value-based cancer care platform Thyme Care, digital oncology platform Jasper Health and cancer-focused digital health company Navigating Cancer. 

“Implementation of Novel Home-Based Care Programs” is scheduled for Friday, March 15, 10:30-11 a.m. ET in W208C at HIMSS24 in Orlando. Learn more and register.


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