P&O Cruise Ships (UK) by Size: Biggest to Smallest

P&O Cruises UK is a classic British cruise line with a mix of modern amenities. Their ships, such as Iona and Arvia, travel to popular destinations such as the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

Four images of P&O Cruise Ships
P&O Cruises UK (Photo courtesy of P&O Cruises)

The combination of England’s 19th-century elegance and the innovations of the 21st century made P&O Cruises UK a popular choice for both young and old.

Their expansive fleet of ships resembles luxurious floating resorts, voyaging from Southampton to captivating destinations. Envision yourself basking in the Mediterranean sun, unwinding on Caribbean beaches, or exploring fascinating locales like Norway.

P&O Cruises UK should not be confused with P&O Cruises Australia, which announced in June 2024 that Carnival Cruise Line would absorb them.

5 Classes of P&O Cruises UK

The ships of P&O Cruises UK are divided into five classes, each filled with varying amenities.

ShipClassYear LaunchedTonnagePassenger Count

We’ve listed all the ships in the P&O Cruises fleet in the UK and organized them from largest to smallest by gross registered tonnage, along with some basic information about the ships.

MS Arvia

A large P&O Cruise Ship, Arvia, docked at a pier under a clear sky. The ship features a British flag design on its bow and boasts multiple decks with numerous windows and balconies.
(Photo courtesy of P&O Cruises Facebook Page)
Just The Facts
Gross Tonnage:184,700
Entered Service:2022
Year Refurbished:NA
Passenger Count:5,200 at double occupancy

What makes this ship notable? Arvia is the largest ship in the fleet, boasting an impressive 184,700 gross tons. Its LNG-powered engine sets this ship apart, marking a significant step towards environmental friendliness.

Key Features: Amber Lounge, Anderson’s Bar, Brodie’s Pub, Cellar Door, Crystal Bar, Infinity Pool Bar, Casino, Headliner’s Theatre, Ocean Studio, SkyDome, The Club House, Scene, Scubas (The Reef), Splahsers, Surfers, The Night Nursery, Atrium, The Ivory Suite, The Avenues Shopping, Oasis Spa, Altitude Minigolf, and Altitude Skywalk

MS Iona

A large white P&O cruise ship named
(Photo courtesy of P&O Cruises Facebook Page)
Just The Facts
Gross Tonnage:184,089
Entered Service:2021
Year Refurbished:NA
Passenger Count:5,206 at double occupancy

What makes this ship notable? Iona, launched in 2021, was the largest ship for the British Market before Arvia was launched in 2022. Initially scheduled for a 2020 maiden voyage, the ship was delayed for over a year due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the first P&O Cruises Excellence-class ship, Iona prioritizes modern design and guest experiences. Notably, it boasts the first onboard gin distillery for P&O Cruises.

Key Features: Anderson’s, Beachcombers Bar, Brodie’s, Crystal Bar, Emerald Bar, Infiniti Bar, Oasis Spa, Sindhu Bar, The 710 Club, The Limelight Club, Casino, Headliners Theater, Ocean Studios, The Reef, Beachcombers Pool, Skydome Pool, Whirlpool, The Avenues Shopping, Oasis Gym, and Golf Nets

MV Britannia

A large P&O cruise ship, proudly displaying the UK flag on its bow, sails through calm waters on a clear day.
(Photo courtesy of P&O Cruises Facebook Page)
Just The Facts
Gross Tonnage:143,730
Entered Service:2015
Year Refurbished:2024
Passenger Count:3,647 at double occupancy

What makes this ship notable? Britannia is the only ship in P&O’s Royal Class (the same platform as Princess Cruises’ Royal Class). The ship focuses on a more upmarket feel and offers a luxurious hotel-like atmosphere. Britannia also has the world’s longest seagoing Union Jack on its bow, symbolizing British Heritage. The ship was also christened by Queen Elizabeth II in a grand ceremony in 2015.

Key Features: Horizon Restaurant, Meridian Restaurant, Oriental Restaurant, Peninsular Restaurant, Poolside Pizzeria, Java Cafe, Lido Grill, Sindhu, The Beach House, The Market Cafe, Blue Bar, Brodie’s, Crystal Room Bar, Riviera Bar, Casino, Atrium, Headliners Theater, The Cookery Club, The Crow’s Nest, The Limelight Club, Children’s Play Area, H20 Club, Scubas Club, Nursery Under 2’s. Surfers Club, Splashers

MV Ventura

A large P&O Cruise ship named Ventura is docked at a port, showcasing the British flag's colors alongside a Romanian flag hoisted on its mast. The sky is clear and blue, highlighting the vessel's grandeur and significant size.
(Photo courtesy of P&O Cruises Facebook Page)
Just The Facts
Gross Tonnage:116,017
Entered Service:2008
Year Refurbished:2023
Passenger Count:3,192 at double occupancy

What makes this ship notable? With the launch of Ventura, P&O Cruises UK witnessed a significant shift in cruise ship design. The ships evolved to a larger and more contemporary style, particularly noticeable in the expansion of the kids’ club. This enhancement offers an array of amenities and activities catering to various age groups.

Key Features: Bay Tree Restaurant, Cinnamon Restaurant, Saffron Restaurant, The White Room, Waterside, The Beach House, Breakers Bar, Beachcomber Bar, Laguna Bar, Metropolis, Tamarind Club, The Exchange, Fortunes Casino, Arena Theater, Atrium, Havana, Decibels, Jumping Jacks, The Reef, Toybox, Chapter One, Cirque Ventura, Eternity, Essence, Regalia, Emporium, The Wardrobe, and Oasis Spa & Health Club

MS Azura

A large P&O cruise ship named Azura, proudly displaying a red, white, and blue painted bow, is docked near a mountainous landscape in the UK.
(Photo courtesy of P&O Cruises Facebook Page)
Just The Facts
Gross Tonnage:115,055
Entered Service:2010
Year Refurbished:2020
Passenger Count:3,096 at double occupancy

What makes this ship notable? Azura, launched in 2010 following the success of Ventura, incorporates many of the features and innovations of its predecessor. Like Ventura, the ship prioritizes family-friendly activities, boasting expansive kids’ clubs with tailored activities for various age groups.

Key Features: Meridian Restaurant, The Oriental Restaurant, The Peninsular Restaurant, Venezia, Verona, The Epicurean, Sindhu, The Glass House, Aqua Bar, Blue Bar, Breaker’s Bar, Brodie’s, Coral Bar, Casino, Game On!, Atrium, Malabar, Manhattan, SeaScree Open Air Cinema, The Playhouse Theater, H2O Children’s Club, Scubas, The Sea Bed, and the Karmala Room

MV Arcadia

Close-up of the large bow of Arcadia, a P&O Cruise Ship, showcasing its distinctive red, white, and blue pattern. The ship is docked at a UK port under a clear blue sky.
(Photo courtesy of P&O Cruises Facebook Page)
Just The Facts
Gross Tonnage:84,342
Entered Service:2005
Year Refurbished:2023
Passenger Count:1,952 at double occupancy

What makes this ship notable? Arcadia presents a more traditional aesthetic, making it a favored option for passengers seeking a classic cruise. Distinguished from other P&O ships, Arcadia caters to adults, providing a serene and more sophisticated experience.

Key Features: Belvedere Buffet, Caffe Vivo, Meridian Restaurant, Neptune Grill, Sindhu, Aquarius Bar, Brodie’s, East Bar, Intermezzo, Spinnaker Bar, The Rising Sun, Monte Carlo Casino, Atrium, Horizon, The Globe, The Palladium, The Screening Room, Aquarius Pool, Art Gallery, Emporium, and Piccadilly

MV Aurora

A large white P&O cruise ship from the UK sails on a wide river with a vast landscape and scattered buildings in the background under a cloudy sky.
(Photo courtesy of P&O Cruises Facebook Page)
Just The Facts
Gross Tonnage:76,152
Entered Service:2000
Year Refurbished:2023
Passenger Count:1,878 at double occupancy

What makes this ship notable? Aurora is one of the oldest ships in P&O’s fleet. Along with Arcadia, it is one of the two adult-only vessels in the fleet. Like Arcadia, Aurora offers a traditional and classic aesthetic to the passengers, giving a touch of nostalgia.

Key Features: Alexandria Restaurant, Cafe Bordeaux, Horizon Buffet, Lido Grill, Sindhu, The Glass House, Champion’s, Charlie’s, Raffles, Terrace Bar, Monte Carlo Casino, Vanderbilt’s, Masquerade, The Crow’s Nest, The Curzon Theater, The Playhouse Cinema, Crystal pool, and Emporium


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