Replay: Connexion Patient Leader Certification Launch

The Health Union Patient Leader Certification Program offers a comprehensive toolkit for Patient Leaders seeking to elevate their impact in the healthcare space. During the Connexion Conference in 2023, Julie Croner shares the launch of the first Patient Leader Certification program of its kind.

Moving through 3 main competencies – Powerful Storytelling, Meaningful Engagement and Responsible Patient Leadership – Patient Leaders deepen their knowledge, hone their advocacy skills, adopt community engagement best practices, master digital outreach, and foster personal growth. Learn more by watching the video below.

Key takeaways:

  • Patient Leaders who participate in the Health Union Patient Leader Certification Program gain access to a wealth of information and resources to effectively lay the foundation to advocate for your condition.
  • The certification program equips participants with essential advocacy skills, including communication, public speaking, and building strategic partnerships.
  • The Health Union Patient Leader Certification Program emphasizes community engagement strategies that facilitate meaningful interactions and discussions.
  • The certification program provides insights into leveraging social media, blogs, podcasts, and other digital channels effectively.
  • Patient Leaders gain confidence in their abilities, find validation for their unique experiences, and build a strong sense of purpose.

About the speaker:

Julie Croner is the Vice President of Community Development for Health Union. She’s worked for numerous online publications like HealthCentral, Everyday Health, and WebMD, been a Psocial Blogger & Mentor for The National Psoriasis Foundation, an Ambassador for the Arthritis Foundation and dabbles in a million other things as well. She loves traveling and speaking at conferences (like Stanford Medx, ePharma, ePatient Connections, and many others) and is passionate about connecting with other patients and patient advocates.

Take the Patient Leader Certification Program today.


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