Say Hello to Your Elevated Morning Spa Water

A couple years ago I was sent a bottle with a debloating supplement inside of it from a brand called Arrae. I was unfamiliar with the brand but obviously intrigued that there was an all natural supplement filled with pineapple enzymes, lemon balm, ginger root and peppermint among others.

When you run puffy you’ll do anything to get rid of it, so naturally I started taking it. Finally, a late night hamburger wrapped in lettuce with jalapeños no longer made my stomach feel like it would pop. Immediately I started posting about this magic supplement which led me to eventually meet the founders, Siff and Nish.

As a huge fan of anything that promises to debloat or depuff, I am also intrigued by anything that says it sculpts, tightens and chisels. LOL. So this collab has been so organic because our mission is the same. Help you fight bloat and puffiness.

Together with Arrae, we came up with the idea for some depuffing morning drops. Because The Skinny Confidential is so rooted in routines and rituals, our Le Depuff drops are something that you can add to your lemon ginger water every morning and it’s just a way to seamlessly romanticize a part of your day.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce this cobrand with Arrae, packaged in the iconic Skinny Confidential pink, and filled with benefits. We’ve worked on this so thoroughly for the past year and feel so passionate about finally burning it to market. And let me tell you, they work.

Over the last couple months I’ve used them every day, and of course a ton of you have noticed the mysterious drops I’ve been using on Stories. Well here it is. Ta-da!

The Skinny Confidential x Arrae “Le Depuff “


Add 2 dropperfuls of Le Depuff to spice up your morning spa water, reduce puffiness & support detoxification. Display on your vanity next to your ice roller because waking up and depuffing is THE new morning routine. 


♡ Supports the body’s natural detoxification process 

♡ Reduces inflammation throughout the body and face 

♡ Decreases bloating and promotes liver cleansing 

♡ Activates the digestive system in the morning for regularity 

♡ Contains antioxidants which protect against free radicals 


♡ Dandelion Root – promotes liver health 

♡ Lemon Balm – relieves bloating & gas

♡ Yellow Dock – supports bowel regularity 

♡ Fennel Seed – reduces inflammation 

♡ Red Raspberry Leaf – contains potent antioxidants

Add it to a huge Stanley with water and ice, your hot ginger tea, or lemon water. We decided to keep it very herbal so you can expect a herby kind of raspberry leaf flavor. We kept it very neutral and natural and didn’t change the taste with artificial flavors or colors. Very herbal forward if you will.

You can purchase limited edition drops alone, or purchase The Ménage à Trois and you’ll get the Le Depuff drops, Arrae Bloat capsules and The Skinny Confidential ice roller. Depuffing has never been this chic.

Oh, and if you fancy a fun high tea situation be sure to reserve a spot here to a special event at Butcher’s Daughter on September 27 & 28.

Wake up, sip, depuff.

x, lauryn

+ listen to Siff and Nish on the HIM & HER Show.

++ stalk the lastest body sculpting tool for major chisel.



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