Spider Web Fine Motor Activity

Inside this post we share a simple spider web fine motor activity using pom poms! It only takes a few minutes to set up this fun sticky activity!

What’s a fun spider themed activity for kids?

Grab some tape and a hula hoop to set up this easy spider web fine motor activity using pom poms! My friend Allie at No Time for Flashcards shared this spider web activity with me last year and my preschoolers loved it!! You need to try it.

How do you introduce spiders to preschoolers?

There are so many simple ways to introduce spiders to kids! I usually like to start by reading a fun spider book, like The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle and then try some spider themed activities to get them excited!

This pom pom spider web is a quick to set up activity to get kids talking about spider webs and how they are sticky! This activity is also a great one to build fine motor skills too!


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How to set up this Pom Pom Spider Web Activity:

  1. Start by taping across the hula hoop with painter’s tape. Have each piece that goes across meet at the same place in the middle. We used 4 long pieces of tape.
  2. Next, rip the tape into smaller pieces to create the inside parts of the web. Stick them to each section, creating a circular look. You can do several circular lines around, or just one like we did.
  3. Now you’re ready to play!

Pom Pom Spider Web Activity Instructions:

  1. Place a variety of pom poms on a tray or in a container. Lay the hula hoop spider web on the ground (or place it against a wall), sticky side out.
  2. Encourage kids to stick the pom poms to the spider web to create patterns and lines. See what they can create.
  3. See if kids can toss the pom poms at the spider web and get them to stick.
  4. Have kids investigate how else they can play and explore this fun sticky spider themed activity. Ask: Which pom poms are easiest to stick on? Which pom poms are harder to stick on? Can you make a pattern?

Why are pom poms good for building fine motor skills?

  • Pom poms help promote the grasp between the thumb and pointer finger as kids pick them up and manipulate them. This is important as kids build their finger muscles and work to pick things up, zippler, and grab with those fingers.
  • Pom poms help kids develop their hand-eye coordination!
  • Grabbing the pom poms, holding them in their hands, and then moving them to their finger tips is an important skill for kids to work on before they hold a pencil and start writing.
  • Pom poms give kids practice with holding things with their thumb, pincer finger, and middle finger! This is an important grasp for kids to develop

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