Toys That Start With P

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Hey parents! As a pop of 4 kids (3 littles and an adult), I’m always looking for fun new toys to keep my little dudes and dudettes entertained! When looking for toys that start with P, there are so many that it can be tough to pick. There are lots of reasons we parents may be trying to find toys that start with a certain letter…

  • Your kid’s teacher gave alphabet homework
  • You want presents starting with the first letter of their name
  • You’re trying to find alphabet learning toys to practice letter recognition
  • Your toddler has speech therapy focused on the P sound
  • Their preschool teacher asked for show & tell items starting with P
  • You want the perfect alphabet-themed gift

There are so many great toys that start with the letter P to keep your kids entertained. From planes and puzzles to princesses and play-doh, the options are endless. Whether you need alphabet toys for homework, gifts, or just for fun, I’ve got you covered like pepperoni on a pizza. So don’t stress about finding the perfect P toys – I’ll help you pick out some primo ones your kids will love. No matter the reason you need P toys, I’ve got you covered like the Powerpuff Girls handle Townsville!

Toys That Start with P: 25 P-erfect Ideas

  1. Toys That Start With P – Puzzles
    (Ages 5+, Brain Game, Develops Critical Thinking)

The jigsaw puzzle is a fun brain game that helps develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. Kids will enjoy piecing together the puzzle to reveal the full picture while gaining a sense of accomplishment. Jigsaw puzzles help improve visual-spatial skills, logical reasoning, and patience. The bright colors and fun images keep children engaged. Puzzles are available in various piece counts suitable for different age groups. They can be worked on individually or as a social activity with family and friends, making it a versatile toy. Puzzles are an educational toy that sneakily builds cognitive abilities while providing hours of entertainment.

Wooden Dinosaur Puzzles for Kids
  1. Toys That Start With P – Puppet
    (Ages 3+, Pretend Play, Boosts Creativity)

Puppets allow children to engage in pretend play and boost their creativity. Slipping their hand inside, kids can make the puppet come to life and put on a show. Puppets build storytelling skills as children create voices and personalities for their puppet. Having conversations with the puppet builds social skills too. Puppets improve dexterity through moving the limbs and mouth. The bright colors and fun designs appeal to young kids. Puppets inspire imaginative play as anything can happen in their puppet world. Kids gain confidence as they use the puppet to express themselves. Great for solo or group play, puppets bring hours of laughter and learning.

10 Pcs Animal Hand Puppets
  1. Toys That Start With P – Play-Doh
    (Ages 3+, Creative Play, Tactile Learning)

Play-Doh is the classic moldable clay that provides open-ended creative play. Kids enjoy squishing, rolling, cutting, and shaping the dough into anything they can imagine. It develops fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The many bright colors spark creativity. Play-Doh is a tactile experience that helps sensory development. Kids can use various accessories like shape cutters or the Play-Doh extruder to mold fun creations. It never dries out so the play lasts. Play-Doh builds imagination and artistic expression. And since there’s no right or wrong way to play, it boosts confidence. Both relaxing and engaging, Play-Doh inspires hours of creative fun.

Play-Doh School Pack of 48 Cans for Teachers, 6 Sets of 8 Modeling Compound Colors, Classroom Back to School Supplies, Arts & Crafts, Preschool Toys for Kids 2 Years & Up, 3oz Cans
  1. Toys That Start With P – Peppa Pig
    (Ages 3+, Pretend Play, Interactive Learning)

Peppa Pig toys allow kids to act out adventures with their favorite TV characters. There are playsets, figures, vehicles, and more to choose from. Pretend play builds creativity as children imagine Peppa going to the dentist, riding her bicycle, or visiting Granny Pig. Interactive toys feature sounds and phrases from the show. Playing with Peppa builds social skills and family bonding. The familiar characters provide a sense of comfort. Peppa Pig toys encourage movement and motor skills. And with so many friend characters, they inspire sharing and social play. Whether playing out scenes from the show or making up new stories, Peppa Pig sparks hours of learning fun.

Peppa Pig Peppa Visits Australia Campervan Vehicle Preschool Toy
  1. Toys That Start With P – Pogo Stick
    (Ages 9+, Active Play, Balance & Coordination)

The pogo stick provides an energetic bouncing activity that improves balance and coordination. Kids hold the handles and hop up and down, working to get air and maintain control. Jumping on the pogo stick is a fun workout that builds stamina, leg strength, and cardiovascular health. It helps develop rhythm too. Kids will enjoy challenging themselves to get higher bounces and do trick moves once skilled. The adjustable designs grow with kids, providing years of play. Pogo sticks can be used indoor or outdoor. Just make sure there’s space overhead to bounce safely. An exciting toy that inspires active play and laughter.

Master Pogo Stick for Kids, Ages 9+, 80 to 160 Pounds
  1. Toys That Start With P – Plushie
    (Ages 0+, Comfort Toy, Aids Emotional Development)

Cuddly plushies make ideal comfort toys for babies and toddlers. The soft and squishy plush provides tactile stimulation. And characters like teddy bears give a reassuring hug anytime. Plushies help emotional development as kids bond with their special stuffed friend. Toting them around builds security and confidence. Plush toys inspire pretend play too, as kids act out stories and adventures. There are plush characters from cartoons, animals, food items, and more. Fun colors and textures keep little ones engaged. Plushies make sweet gifts and eventually become treasured keepsakes. They provide coziness and entertainment through the years.

TeeTurtle - The Original Reversible Octopus Plushie
  1. Toys That Start With P – Pick-up Sticks
    (Ages 6+, Hand-Eye Coordination, Strategy Game)

Pick-up sticks is a classic game that develops hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The bundle of colored sticks are dumped out in a pile. Players take turns carefully removing one stick at a time without moving any others. It teaches focus and patience. As more sticks are removed, it becomes trickier not to disturb the pile which adds exciting challenge. Pick-up sticks builds strategic thinking, planning skills, and dexterity. Kids will love improving their skills to remove sticks swiftly without making a move. Great for solo or group play, it provides quality entertainment and learning.

Classic Wooden Thin Pick Up Stick Game
  1. Toys That Start With P – Playhouse
    (Ages 3+, Pretend Play, Imagination)

Playhouses inspire pretend play and imagination in young kids. The whimsical houses have detailed themes like a castle, cottage, ship, or treehouse. Kids love pretending the playhouse is their home as they play house with friends or stuffed animals. Playhouses build creativity and storytelling skills as children enact scenes and make believe. Large enough for multiple kids, they encourage socialization and role playing. Playhouses help develop vocabulary as kids describe the scenes happening. Moving furniture and “cooking” food also build motor skills. Playhouses provide a space just for kids to play out stories and act as parents, creating endless fun.

Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse with Working Doors, Windows, and Shutters - Tan Small
  1. Toys That Start With P – Pop-up Book
    (Ages 3+, Interactive Reading, Visual Learning)

Pop-up books add an exciting interactive element to storytime. As kids turn the pages, pictures pop up in 3D. The moving parts like flaps and pull tabs engage young readers. Pop-up books teach cause and effect, encouraging kids to interact with the book. The illustrations and movements help bring the story to life. Seeing the visuals emerge makes reading more memorable. Kids will love storytime as characters jump off the page. The intricate paper engineering provides a hands-on learning experience. Pop-up books inspire imagination and make stories extra fun for preschoolers.

A Pop-Up Book of Nursery Rhymes
  1. Toys That Start With P – Paddleball
    (Ages 6+, Hand-Eye Coordination, Fast-Paced Play)

Paddleball is a handheld game combining eye-catching visuals with fast-paced physical play. Kids bounce the ball attached to the wooden paddle handle to keep it in the air as long as possible. This improves hand-eye coordination, rhythm, and reflexes. Trying to hit the ball on the paddle boosts focus and timing skills. The stretchy string makes an amusing sound during play adding to the fun. Paddleball can be played solo or against others for competition. The portable toy provides stimulating activity and exercise. Kids will have a blast tallying consecutive hits and competing to beat their high score.

Wooden Paddle Ball (Set of 2) with Carry Bag Indoor Outdoor Toy
  1. Toys That Start With P – Plasticine
    (Ages 3+, Tactile Play, Imaginative Learning)

Plasticine is a classic modeling clay that encourages open-ended tactile play and imaginative learning. The colorful clay easily shapes into any creation kids can dream up. Molding and sculpting builds fine motor control and dexterity. It provides a sensory experience with the clay’s smooth, stretchy texture. Plasticine fosters creativity and artistic expression as kids make their own unique designs. From squishing and rolling clay snakes to crafting mini sculptures, it engages young minds. Plasticine keeps its shape when left to dry but never hardens, so creations can be reshaped anytime. It’s a perfect solo or group activity resulting in hours of creative fun.

Polymer Clay 50 Colors, Modeling Clay for Kids DIY Starter Kits
  1. Toys That Start With P – Playmat
    (Ages 0+, Sensory Play, Early Learning)

Playmats provide babies and toddlers a fun space to explore while building early learning skills. The soft padded mats feature bright colors, patterns, and tactile textures. Attached toys like dangling animals, mirrors, and crinkly sections stimulate the senses. Playmats encourage babies to grasp, reach, and develop motor skills. The high contrast visuals are visually stimulating. Playmats have arches for curious babies to practice rolling under. Portable designs fold for convenience and travel. Placing babies on their backs provides tummy time and interactive play. Educational and engaging, playmats give little ones a place for developmental discovery.

Fisher-Price Baby Playmat Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym & Maracas with Smart Stages Learning Content
  1. Toys That Start With P – Pictionary
    (Ages 8+, Drawing Game, Word Skills)

Pictionary is a family-friendly drawing board game that builds vocabulary and communication skills. One player draws a word while the others try guessing to score points. This encourages thinking on your feet, teamwork, and creative expression. As players sketch objects, actions and concepts using only a pen and paper, it promotes visual thinking. With categories like sports, places, and food, new vocabulary is seamlessly learned. Creative players will excel at conveying ideas through their drawings. Laughing together in this competitive team game builds bonds beyond the board. Pictionary provides entertaining education for all ages.

Pictionary Board Game
  1. Toys That Start With P – Ping Pong
    (Ages 6+, Coordination Game, Fast-Paced Fun)

Ping pong, also known as table tennis, is a fast-paced coordination game and recreational activity. Players use paddles to hit a lightweight ball back and forth across the table. Amazing hand-eye coordination is required to successfully volley. Kids will love challenging themselves to keep the rally going. Ping pong improves reflexes, timing, concentration, and quick strategic thinking. The game can be played solo or with others, competitively or just for fun. Portable tables allow play anywhere indoors or out. Paddles and balls are also inexpensive and easy to store. Ping pong is an engaging hobby providing a lifetime of skill-building entertainment.

Ping Pong Paddle Sets - Professional Table Tennis Paddles, Balls, Storage Case
  1. Toys That Start With P – Pirate Ship
    (Ages 3+, Imaginative Play, Adventure Theme)

Pirate ship playsets encourage imaginative adventure play for preschoolers. Kids love acting out pirate voyages, searching for buried treasure, and spotting enemies. Playsets include a ship for pretend sailing, pirate figurines, and accessories like swords, telescopes, maps, and more. Pirate toys build storytelling skills as kids create characters and adventures. Playsets promote physical movement and motor skills too. Pirate themes inspire creativity, role playing, and language development. Battling pirates fosters strategic thinking. Group play develops cooperation and communication. Pirate ships bring the high seas to imaginative young minds.

Wooden Pirate Ship Play Set with Lights and Sounds, Pirate Figures, 8 Pieces Included, Gift for Ages 3+
  1. Toys That Start With P – Play Phone
    (Ages 2+, Pretend Play, Early Communication)

Play phones allow young kids to role play phone conversations, building communication skills. Children love mimicking the actions of talking, dialing, and texting on their own toy phone. It introduces the concept of talking to someone far away. Play phones have buttons with lights, sounds effects, and phrases for interactive realism. Kids gain confidence practicing phone manners with pretend conversations. Role playing familiar scenarios like calling mom or ordering pizza promotes vocabulary. Play phones encourage creativity, imagination, and independence. Chatting with friends or stuffed animals makes social connections.

Phone Bundle with Music, Fun Smartphone Toys for Baby
  1. Toys That Start With P – Pony
    (Ages 3+, Animal Toys, Nurturing Play)

Soft plush ponies encourage caring, nurturing play in young kids. Little girls love grooming the ponies’ yarn manes and tails. Pony playsets come with brushes and accessories for pretend care routines. Feeding and putting ponies to bed in their stables allows kids to act as caretakers. Pony toys build empathy, communication skills, and imaginary play. The sweet faces and bright colors appeal to kids. Ponies inspire stories about friends going on adventures together. Durable ponies handle affectionate play and provide sweet companionship for years to come. They build a foundation of kindness through nurturing routines.

Outdoor Stick Horse with Wood Wheels Real Pony Neighing and Galloping Sounds Plush Toy Dark Brown 36 Inches
  1. Toys That Start With P – Pokemon
    (Ages 6+, Card Game, Strategy & Collection)

The Pokémon trading card game brings the popular media franchise to tabletop play. Kids love collecting the cards featuring unique illustrated Pokémon characters. Each creature has special details like elemental type, moves, and point values used for battling. Trading cards with friends helps complete your collection. Deck building requires strategy to create powerful combinations. The card game builds math skills, analytical thinking, patience, and social connections. Kids engage in imaginative role play as Pokémon trainers. With new card releases always coming, it provides endless collecting and play potential.

Pokémon Action Figure Building Toys Set
  1. Toys That Start With P – Paw Patrol
    (Ages 3+, Adventure Toys, Social Play)

Paw Patrol toys let kids act out rescue missions with their favorite pups from the Nick Jr. show. Playsets include the pup characters, their signature vehicles like Skye’s helicopter, and a themed location. Little ones love recreating scenes or making up new adventures. Paw Patrol encourages cooperative play as kids work together to solve problems. The rescue themes build nurturing skills and caregiving roles. Vehicles get kids moving and engaged. Figurines inspire storytelling and language development. With themes of bravery and teamwork, Paw Patrol toys empower kind-hearted heroes.

Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie
  1. Toys That Start With P – Paddington Bear
    (Ages 3+, Plush Toy, Teaches Kindness)

Paddington Bear plush toys and books introduce kids to this endearing Peruvian bear who teaches kindness in his adventures. The cute stuffed bears wearing rain boots and coats provide cuddly comfort. Paddington’s sweet nature in the books inspires caring behavior and conversations about family, feelings, and being thoughtful of others. Kids learn good manners and morals through the storytelling. Playing with Paddington Bear plushes builds nurturing skills and imagination as kids act out scenes. His peaceful presence promotes emotional intelligence and compassion. Paddington is a positive role model as well as a loyal, huggable friend.

 Paddington with Boots Soft Toy
  1. Toys That Start With P – Paint
    (Ages 2+, Art Supplies, Creative Expression)

Washable paints provide toddlers and preschoolers an exciting introduction to art. Painting builds hand-eye coordination as kids swirl colors and make marks on paper. It develops fine motor skills and strengthens little hands. Self-expression through painting builds confidence. There’s no right or wrong way to create. Kids will enjoy experimenting with mixing colors too. Paints clean up with just soap and water. The creative process of smearing, splatting, and spreading paint brings smiles and skills. Perfect for rainy days or play dates.

10 Pack Washable Tempera Paints
  1. Toys That Start With P – Pass the Pigs
    (Ages 6+, Dice Game, Probability & Coordination)

Pass the Pigs is a simple but addictive dice game using little piggy figurines. Players take turns tossing their pigs like dice to score points based on the landed position. Landing upright scores more points while a sprawled pig scores low. Kids learn about probability trying to throw different poses. The game builds hand-eye coordination tossing and catching the pigs. Fast paced and portable, it’s perfect for travel. Pass the Pigs encourages focus and taking turns. It’s fun for all ages, either competing for high scores or just passing time together. The cute piggies add charm to this classic physics probability game.

Toys That Start With P - Pass The Pigs Game, Multicolor, for ages 7 and up
  1. Toys That Start With P – Pedal Car
    (Ages 3+, Ride-On Toy, Motor Skills)

Pedal cars allow little kids to get behind the wheel for motoring fun. Pedaling powers the foot-to-floor car forward. Maneuvering the car builds coordination and balance. Pedal cars help develop leg muscles and get kids active. Colorful designs feature flashy wheels and details to delight imaginations. Kids love pretending to drive around town, just like mom and dad. Large pedal cars have room to give sibling and friends a ride too. Adjustable seats accommodate growing kids for years of use. Safety features like seatbelts and no sharp edges let kids cruise worry-free. Pedal cars steer young minds toward adventure.

Pedal Powered Car w/ 3-Position Adjustable Seat
  1. Toys That Start With P – Peek a Boo Elephant
    (Ages 0+, Interactive Stuffed Toy, Language Development)

The peek-a-boo elephant plush toy interacts with babies through sight, sound, and touch for multisensory play. The elephant’s big ears flap up to reveal its face and play peek-a-boo, while music and phrases introduce body parts, numbers, and more. Soft tactile fabrics, crinkly areas, and a squeaker encourage exploration. Peek-a-boo play promotes bonding, early language, and object permanence understanding. The happy smiling elephant provides comfort too. Designed to attach to carriers and strollers, it engages babies on-the-go. An adorable first friend that grows with babies through silly games and cuddles.

Peek a Boo Elephant Stuffed Animals
  1. Toys That Start With P – Personalized Doll
    (Ages 3+, Custom Toy, Boosts Self-Esteem)

Personalized dolls allow kids to design a doll to look just like themselves for a unique toy that boosts self-esteem. Customize hair color, skin tone, eye color, and facial features to match your child. Add accessories like eyeglasses or hairstyles too. Kids love playing with a doll that looks like them – it makes them feel special. The process of creating the doll is also fun and creative. Personalized dolls encourage nurturing role play as kids care for their mini-me. Doll play develops social skills too. The custom doll becomes a cherished companion and keepsake.

Toys That Start With P - Personalized My First Dolly


In conclusion, with this P-list of awesome toys, your kids will be “Partying Like It’s 1999” with alphabet entertainment! These 25 toy picks inspire learning and imagination for all ages and interests. With options from puzzles to ponies, pedal cars to play-doh, there’s a P-mazing toy for every child. So go on browse these toy ideas – your little ones will have a blast while developing skills. And be sure to comment below on their favorite letter P toys! By sharing the ABC toys your kiddos love, you can help other parents keep the party going.


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