ULTIMATE Disneyland Paris Souvenirs Guide

Are you looking for the ultimate guide to Disneyland Paris souvenirs? In this guide we will tell you the best cheap Disneyland Paris souvenirs, the most original souvenirs and the best places to buy souvenirs at Disneyland Paris. 

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How Much are Disneyland Paris Souvenirs?

While we love shopping for souvenirs at Disneyland Paris it can be a very pricey affair. In this guide we will look at all the best Disneyland Paris souvenirs from the best cheap Disneyland souvenirs for those traveling to Disneyland Paris on a budget, unique souvenirs, souvenirs to avoid and of course the best places to be buy souvenirs. 

But how much are Disneyland Paris souvenirs? We will tell you the rough price of the souvenirs listed below but as an overview: 

You can spend anything from a couple of Euros to hundreds of points at Disneyland Paris on souvenirs

Here are some examples of prices from cheapest to mist expensive souvenirs we have found at Disneyland Paris 

  • Pressed Coin – 2 Euros
  • Sweets and Lollipops – 3 Euros up dependent on site and variety.
  • Pen – 5 Euros 
  • Soap – 10 Euros 
  • Plastic Glasses – 10 Euros
  • Mickey Mouse Ears – 20 Euros upwards
  • Deluxe Princess Costumes 65-90 Euros 

For more information on how much spending money you need for Disneyland Paris check out this post which includes money for souvenirs. 

Best Disneyland Paris Souvenirs 

Mickey Mouse Ears 

Mickey Mouse Ears - Best Disneyland Paris Souvenirs

Mickey Mouse Ears – Best Disneyland Paris Souvenirs

For me no Disneyland Paris packing list is complete without a pair of Mickey Mouse Ears. We love how they improve character interactions and make for great Disneyland Paris photographs. 

While there are plenty to buy before you go to the parks, there is no substitute for the official Disneyland Paris ears. If you buy them on site you can get themed ears you can only buy at Disneyland Paris, attractions and special edition ears.

These usually start from 20Euros but the price can increase for the limited editions ears. 

Cuddly Toys

When we visit Disneyland Paris with kids there is one souvenir they want – cuddly toys or stuffies as Americans call them. 

My little girl has quite the range now from Mickey and Minnie, Daisy Duck to Judy Hopps. 

And the great thing about these is that they have various sizes from hand size to gigantic so there is something for every budget. 

I always advise though setting your little ones with a budget and managing expectations as to the size of cuddly toy they can get as it is easier to know this before they go in the store. 

Best Cheap Disneyland Paris Souvenirs 


Souvenirs from Disneyland Paris

Souvenirs from Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris pens are one of the cheapest souvenirs you can buy at Disneyland Paris and are a useful souvenir too. We buy them to use at our character meet and greets. 

The pens cost around 5 Euros and are very compact so no problem to transport if you have limited luggage allowances. 

Usually pens at Disneyland Paris cost around 5 Euros but are a very practical gift. 

If you want to collect Disneyland Paris autographs but want an alternative to a Disneyland autograph book check out this post.

If you are meeting characters at Disneyland Paris be sure to check out the below posts to help you get better interactions:


Cheap Disneyland Paris Souvenirs

Cheap Disneyland Paris Souvenirs

Disney pins and Pin trading are a huge part of Disney culture. Pin trading basically is wear you wear a Disney pin on a lanyard or cap etc and wear them round the park and trade with other guests and cast members who are trading pins. 

And as an added bonus pins are one of the cheapest souvenirs that you can buy at Disneyland Paris. And they are also one of the smallest souvenirs you can get from Disneyland Paris so if oyu don’t have room in your case not a problem. 

Price: Pins vary in price depending on which pin you buy and if it is limited edition. Usually prices start at around 8 Euros. 

Shoulder Buddies

Shoulder buddies are a relatively new but very popular new Disney accessory for the parks along with the classic ears. 

The shoulder buddies are basically small plush toys that sit on your shoulder (by way of a small magnet that you put under the shoulder of your clothes). 

They are very cute and especially great for those who want to Disneybound.  There are a huge variety of characters you can get as shoulder buddies at Disneyland Paris but common ones include:

  • Abu from Aladdin
  • Tinkerbelle from Peter Pan
  • Chip and Dale, 
  • Sebastian from the Little Mermaid,
  • Pascal from Rapunzel
  • Stitch and 
  • Mushu from Mulan 

amongst others. 

However the most popular by far has to the Remy from Ratatouille especially as this is the French park and there is a huge area dedicated to Ratatouille in the Disney Adventure World Park. But please note, Remy is by far the most popular shoulder buddy at the park and does sell out frequently. However the best shops fro Remy shoulder buddies is at the Ratatouille Store nex to the ratatouille ride. 

For all other shoulder buddies the Story Book store in the main park is the best place to find them! 

Shoulder buddies in the park usually cost around 20 Euros however there are som light up versions that are closer to 30 Euros in price.

Hand Soap

Soap - Disneyland Paris souvenirs

Soap – Disneyland Paris souvenirs

Disneyland Paris hand soap is another great and practical Disneyland Paris souvenir. tHis costs around 10 Euros and the soap comes in a refillable Disneyland Paris designed bottle. 

This means that you can refill once used up and treasure this Disneyland Paris souvenir forever. 


Perhaps the most budget friendly of all the souvenirs at Disneyland Paris are sweets and lollipops. These usually cost around 3 Euros and are always a hit if you plan on buying a souvenir at Disneyland Paris for toddlers.  


We think Popcorn is a great Euro Disney souvenir as you can use it in the park to eat popcorn and then take the bucket home with you to use. 

Note: if you are visiting Disneyland Paris on a budget be sure to also check out our guide on cheapest places to eat at Disneyland Paris

Original Souvenirs from Disneyland Paris 

Christmas Ornaments

Whenever we go to Disneyland Paris we always pick up one souvenir – a Disneyland Paris Christmas bauble. We have several now. 

Depending on the type of bauble you select will depend on the cost but usually cost around 12 – 20 Euros. 

We love having these to hand on our travel themed Christmas tree  as it is a lovely way to remember your holidays at Christmas. 

As an added bonus these are available 365 days a year at the Christmas shoppe at Disneyland Paris rather than only being available at Christmas. 

Disneyland Paris Champagne

Although alcohol is limited at other Disney sites around the world, Paris has different rules. And one of my favourite things to do for adults at Disneyland Paris is having a glass of champagne while watching the evening fireworks. 

You can buy a glass of champagne for 15 Euros at the champagne cart outside the Gibson girl ice cream parlour and you get to keep the plastic Disneyland Paris themed champagne flute included in the price. 

On-site only merchandise 

Disneyland Paris souvenir clothes

Disneyland Paris souvenir clothes

If you have a bit more money to spend and want an original Disneyland Paris souvenir we recommend looking for something that is not available online at Disney or on Amazon and instead buy a souvenir only available on site. 

For instance during the 30th anniversary celebrations Disneyland Paris had clothes only available on site as well as Teddys and commemorative ware. 

These are obviously more pricey than other souvenirs but are more collectible. 

Loungefly BackPacks 

Are Loungefly Backpacks worth it?

Are Loungefly Backpacks worth it?

Loungefly Backpacks are a Disney icon and a must have for Disney fans. Loungefly Backpacks are themed to Different disney films or attractions or even seasonal to Christmas or Halloween. 

They are a pricey souvenir starting at around 70 Euros but they are something practical that can be used throughout your stay and at home. 

For more information on whether we think loungeflys are worth it check this post out. 

Crystal Wand

Perhaps one of the most unique souvenirs from Disneyland Paris is the crystal wand. At the Merlin L’Enchanteur store at the Disneyland Paris castle you can actually design and make your own wand like the fairy godmother. 

Although a fragile souvenir as it is made of glass you can your own pixie dust in a color of your choice. 

This unique souvenir costs around 50 Euros. 

Snow globes

Harringtons has some amazing one of kind Disney collectibles including figurines and snow globes. This is a great souvenir from Disneyland Paris that can be treasured forever. 


Where to buy souvenirs at Disneyland Paris / Eurodisney

Where to buy souvenirs at Disneyland Paris / Eurodisney

Kitchenware is a great Disneyland Paris souvenir, and one reason we love this is because they have something for every price tag. The cheapest things are usually Disneyland Paris plastic cups at around 10 Euros a cup to whole Disney dinner service available at a couple of hundred. 

Premier Access

Disneyland Paris Premier Access Sign

Disneyland Paris Premier Access

Now you can’t take this home with you but premier access may be a worthwhile spend instead of a souvenir. Premier access costs around 15-20 Euros per person but allows you to skip the queue like old fashioned fast passes. 

This is a great time saver if you are visiting at peak time such a in December or August.

Rides that premier access can be worthwhile looking at getting are:

  • Crushs Coaster – around a 90 minute wait usually
  • Peter Pans Flight – usually over an hour
  • Thunder Mountain – usually over 40 minute queue 
  • WEB Slingers – over an hour at peak times 

This can make more room in your Disneyland Paris itinerary and you can take the ride memory away with you. 

Disneyland Paris Souvenirs to Avoid 


I know this is a controversial one to include on souvenirs not to buy but hear me out. Balloons are great fun while at the park and are a great Disney stroller hack to make your stroller distinguishable however they are a limited time souvenir. 

On top of that if you are traveling to Disneyland Paris by plane you will not be able to take this balloon with you. 

For the cost of the balloon we recommend buying a Disneyland Paris souvenir which is longer lasting. 


Disneyland Paris Princess costumes

Disneyland Paris Princess costumes

My little one loves the princesses at Disneyland Paris and always dresses up as a princess in the park. However we would recommend buying these at home in advance either at Target, Asda, Sainsburys or Amazon. 

Although the dresses at Disneyland Paris are very high quality they come with a premium price tag at around 65-90 Euros a dress in some cases. 

While when I buy them at home they usually only cost around 20. Therefore we recommend bringing these with you rather than buying on site. 

WEB Slingers Power band 

High Score on W.E.B Slingers at Disneyland Paris Marvel Avengers Campus

High Score on W.E.B Slingers at Disneyland Paris Marvel Avengers Campus

There is also a controversial way to add extra points to your score  when riding the new Marvel Avengers Campus WEB Slingers ride and that is through the purchase of a power band in the Marvel Shop at Disneyland Paris. 

These power bands get you extra power when slinging in the game and help you achieve higher points. The base unit costs €40 and is sold in the Mission Equipment shop in the Marvel Avengers Campus. However there are also add ons that cost 30 Euros extra. 

In my opinion this is a very expensive way to score high points on the game so isn’t something we purchased as we just didn’t feel that the W.E.B Slingers Power Bands were worth it or good value for money. 

Where to Buy Souvenirs in Disneyland Paris 

So now you know what the best souvenirs are to buy at Disneyland Paris, we will tell you where to buy them. 

Merlin L’enchanteur

This shop in the Disneyland Paris castle is one of the best shops to buy souvenirs as it has some of the most unique souvenirs. In this shop you can buy

  • glass Make your own wands 
  • crystal ornaments
  • glass slippers

But be warned things in this store are not cheap and not one for those visiting Disneyland Paris with babies and toddlers as these are very breakable. 

Boardwalk Candy Palace on Main Street

IF you want sweet and cheap Disneyland Paris souvenirs this is the place to get them from. Here you can buy a variety of Disneyland Paris sweet, lollipops, fudge, biscuits and more. 

If this store is busy for any reason you could also try heading to La Confiserie des Trois Fées in Fantasyland which also has a good selection. 

Lilly’s Boutique

If you want to buy kitchenware Lillys boutique is the place to go. 

And as an added bonus you can see lots of photos of Walt and his family in this store for this Disney aficionados. 

Disneyland Paris hotel shops 

We always recommend staying on site when you can because of the extra perks – read about them here. But they also have shops which are convenient for buying souvenirs as you don’t have to carry them round with you all. 

What is your favorite Disneyland Paris souvenir we would love to hear in the comments below. 


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