Cricut Infusible Ink Tote Bags for Sisters

Size the design according to your project base.

I am applying the design to a 14×14 inch tote bag and sized the design to 10 inches wide.

When the design is ready, select the green Make button.

The next page is the Mat Preview, toggle the button to mirror the image. If you don’t your design will be backward when finished.

Select copy paper as the material you are drawing on.

Place a sheet of laser copy paper onto the LightGrip Mat, and load the mat into the cutting machine.

Cricut Design Space will tell you the color of the marker to load. Simply open Clamp A to remove and insert the markers.

Do not unload the mat when changing marker colors.

Blue Infusible Ink Marker inserted into the housing of a Cricut cutting machine.


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