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Cup of Jo Link List

Cup of Jo Link List

What are you up to this weekend? I’m visiting my sister and am excited to squeeeeeze her! Also, our second issue of Big Salad (our new newsletter) just went out. It’s a fun, juicy one about Becky Malinsky wearing sneakers to her wedding, a magical hair accessories shop in Paris, and an insider’s take on the Frasier reboot. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

Artistic leaf raking, so beautiful.

Love this shirt for travel.

Toby picked out these crackers the other day and I thought they looked sort of gross tbh, but THEY ARE SO GREAT. Crunchy, crispy, flavorful. We eat them with cheddar cheese or Boursin.

How to write a fun party invitation.

Can’t wait to see the Manet/Degas exhibit at the Met. Bored women for the win.

16 dishes to make for someone going through a hard time. What would you add? (NYTimes gift link)

My workhorse beauty product these days.

The Storm Pilot takes stunning photos of storms from the flight deck of his 767.

While documenting her journey from couch to marathon, Emily Shane runs reaaalllllly slowly. “I say this to everyone: go slow to a point where it feels a bit weird,” she says. “I started off super slow and I honestly felt like I was jogging on the spot sometimes — like I’m not getting anywhere — but the more I kept going, the more it was actually enjoyable.”

Quiz: Is he in love with you or is he just Midwestern? Made me laugh.

Wow, what a beautiful little shop.

Jenny Rosenstrach haircut

Also, omg you guys, our girl Jenny cut her hair yesterday! How cute does she look!!!!!! New house, new her?

Plus, four reader comments:

Says Maggie on 10 surprising tips for parents of young children: “When you need small children to do something FAST (like clean up a thousand Legos or get undressed before the tub), playing circus music makes it instantly hilarious. Wrangling toddlers already feels like tumbling out of a clown car. It helps to laugh and lean in!”

Says Emily on why these couples each took the bride’s last name: “My wife and I share the same first name (Emily), which is the hazard of being two lesbians born in the ’80s, so changing our last names was never an option. At our wedding, we had a poster printed with the Avett Brothers song lyric that says, ‘Always remember there was nothing worth sharing / Like the love that let us share our name.’ It felt like a comical tribute to our shared names.”

Says Ali on what are your worth-every-penny buys: “I recently bought my first wetsuit! It was not cheap, but it was the biggest lifestyle upgrade I’ve made in years. I live in the SF Bay Area, where the water is freezing year round, and I go to the beach every week to walk and breathe the salty air. But now when I go to the beach, I jump in the whitewash! I dive through the waves! I boogie board! It’s incredibly healing.”

Jess on five things that surprised me about my divorce: “How sweet that Sharon and Rob stepped out of the restaurant to call you together. (I didn’t sob, but I did cry a little.) So much of life is SO HARD, but one thing I love that you talk about here on the blog is how great it is to get older. To go through hard things and know that you will get through them. To help each other. And to live each day accumulating awesome people (even ex-husbands) who fill a role in our big, messy, fulfilling, maturing lives.”

(Photo by Rachel Dwyer/Stocksy.)

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