How I Lay Out a Gallery Wall

While some gallery walls look like they just happened, there is usually some method to the madness. My favorites are the ones where nothing really looks coordinated, but it all somehow works together. The biggest hurdle is really just getting started. In general, here’s how I lay out a gallery wall.

  • My first step is to measure the wall space that I want to cover so that I have a general idea of what the overall size of the collection should be. Then, as I start laying it out, I usually begin with the largest piece in the center and place the next two on the sides to give the arrangement some loose parameters.

  • Lots of differing opinions on this, but I never cut out the shapes of my frames first or use any of those other clever tricks. Laying these frames out on the floor first was the extent of my prep work. I usually just grab a hammer and go, eyeballing it along the way. If you’re a perfectionist who despises nail holes, this method isn’t for you. Luckily, I’m not.

  • Gallery walls don’t have to start out huge. I like to arrange from the center and build it out (and up) over time if there’s wall space.
  • Don’t overthink matching anything. It’s suppose to look eclectic. The frames, mats, and even art, don’t have to have any recurring theme. I mixed everything together here. I think that the one blue mat adds a happy touch.

  • As you can see, this wall also inspired a lamp change. I pulled the green lamps out of the attic and used the same shades.
  • While I love to find thrifted art, I especially like to incorporate a piece or two that has meaning. This could be your kid’s art, a framed note, an old photo, a framed object, etc. For this one, I used my mom’s handwriting and an old black and white drawing by my dad.


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