Show Your Wife You Care on Valentine’s Day

So, Valentine’s is Wednesday. What are you doing to show your love for your wife?  

Yes, it’s become way over-commercialised. Yes, it’s just another day. And yet, unless your wife is very unusual, she would like you to do SOMETHING to express your love on a day dedicated to expressing romantic love. Not doing that is playing Russian Roulette with five bullets! 

Overly romantic image of a couple about to kiss on Valentine's Day.

For some of you, something small will do it. A card, a flower, or a box of chocolates. Some wives would really like a nice date. Given the day falls on Wednesday this year, you can easily go for the weekend after. A handwritten love letter is always a good choice. And coupons promising to do various things she enjoys is good too.

If you care about your wife, do something!

Image Credit: © Paul H Byerly via
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